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The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

1. Stage One - The Proposal

As the title indicates, optional chaining may be coming to JavaScript. This post explains the what, why, and how about optional chaining and how to start using it, even if the Ecma committee hasn't accepted it yet.

2. Cold Turkey 🦃

From distraction-blocking apps to changelog generators. Marina curates a helpful list of software productivity tools, including management and focusing tools.

3. Promise me you'll try

Tips on how to improve your relationship with promises.

4. Esthetics, Technology, Ergonomy, Value

An exploration of what web design means in today, and how the meaning has evolved in the few years.

5. Not a fad

"You're given three doors, one with treasure and two with goats. You select one door, but before that door is revealed, the host opens a different door that has a goat. You now have a choice: stick with the unopened door you chose, or switch to the other unopened door."

Max uses the Monty Hall Dilemmma as a sniff test project for trying out new frameworks. React won with flying colors and in this post, he explains why the framework did so well.

6. There is no such thing as security

Understanding the wider context surrounding security will guide you to make better decisions. In this post, we learn about four security principles that will can help you start.

7. Get Unstuck

Detailed instructions on 15 of the most common ReactJS problems that new developers deal with. From component naming conventions to assumptions with importing and exporting.

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Max Antonucci

I'm very glad my post wound up on this list, but my name is Max, not Rob :)

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Jess Lee

Whoops, sorry about that Max!! Fixed the typo!

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Stargator • Edited

I'm sorry, I disagree, you're name is Rob now. :P