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dev.to staff on January 02, 2018

Welcome! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun... [Read Full]
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Also, it's freezing here in NYC, so I figured a friendly snowman would be nice. Not having to go out in the cold and working remote is great.


Hey! I'm Lama, and I'm a high school senior. I've been following dev.to's Twitter for a while and kept coming to read posts on the site, so I decided to sign up.

At the moment, I'm making my way through the front end dev certificate on freeCodeCamp, and beginning to learn Java.

Fun fact: I once sprained my ankle jumping off a bed.


Ah, that brings back memories. I fractured mine jumping off a bunk bed onto a bean bag, only my friend removed the bean bag before I landed!


Hello! I'm Sara. I was a children's book editor for a long time but I've recently become a software developer. I came here because Vaidehi Joshi told me to! She said to follow her here on dev.to for her new video series on computer science, so that's what I'm doing.


Hi. I'm working on improving my JS skills, and starting some various React tutorials-- with the goal of getting a front-end React job or project. On my list of work today is building an Airbnb clone with a few react components.


Hi! I'm Tom. I work at Twitter where I've been for over 4 years.

I do a few different things, but I tend to focus on making frontend and client engineers more productive by building tools and APIs or writing documentation. You could call it product infrastructure.

Right now I lead Twitter's GraphQL team and a bigger project called Private API, which is about improving how our apps — iOS, Android, Twitter Lite and TweetDeck — get their data.

I'm interested in using dev.to to help, guide, and learn from developers who have complex or novel problems to solve.


Welcome! Thanks for joining the community. I personally would love a post on writing good documentation, or a beginner's guide to writing a REST/GraphQL API. Or maybe you have some good posts/resources to share about those topics?


Hi Tom, looking forward to learn from/with you. Thank you for taking your time to share your knowlege & experiences with the community!


Thank you for being with us we are so glad to have someone like you


I used to be a traditional programmer (c++, java) and last year I decided to enhance my skills in webdev fullstk, AI and game dev, so now I am including python and javascript in my activities.


Hi Bruno, I would love to know about your thoughts and experience with the AI world.

Best wishes.


Hi Juan, I had some experience with FSM, computer vision (openCV), decision trees, find the path like algorithms, nowadays I am more curious about machine learning and NLP and their applications in games that are aware of the player physical location, social activity and interests :)


Hi everybody!

I'm Juan Pablo, a Colombian electronic engineer turned into a .Net developer a couple of years ago.

This place is awesome!!! I'm looking forward to sharing more time and knowledge with you guys and hopefully write some post too!

Best wishes,


Hey guys, Jono here. I live in London. Stephanie Hulbert from Twitter brought me here and I'm glad to say hello!

I'm a lapsed game dev who found .NET and web dev gave me money.

I'm looking to get more involved in the dev community as well as into frontend and ruby and for real getting myself back into making games, especially with interesting AI.


Ruby is great! Not so sure about Ruby for games, though. There is a great book/ebook about writing really basic Ruby games: Learn Game Programming with Ruby by Mark Sobkowicz.


Hello! I'm a student at Nashville Software School learning JavaScript and Node.js for the backend. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions in the coming months and am more than happy to talk with other beginners!


Hi, I'm Dragan a fresh certified developer Microsoft web technologies who's gaining experience and in search of a work :) Interested in everything involved in .NET web development...Hoping to help and gain new connections...Wish you successful new year :D


Hello, everyone! I just discovered this site and can tell that it is going to be useful. I first started coding in BASIC on my Coleco ADAM computer in the mid-80's. I picked up HTML starting @ 2000 and have finally decided to jump with both feet. I am studying Ruby right now, which I love, and Rails, which is also nice. Moving on to Javascript next.

Fun fact: Facts are fun! And also, discussing why most "facts" are actually just hypotheses that the believer has accepted based on their personal experiences is also fun! LOL.


Hey! I am Kalpit. I work as software engineer. I am managing few of sites which are really helpful to our developer community. Please check once.
onlinejsoneditor.com, onlinejsoneditors.com


Hi there! I'm Mike and have been following dev.to on twitter for a good while in 2017. Am currently graduating as a visual / interaction designer but I am going to continue with the development part of my degree once I'm done. Figured I'd start 2018 properly and join the community I have been following for a while!


I'm a new user and just beginning my developer career. I'm finishing up an associate degree in software engineering this spring and will be beginning an online bachelor degree in software engineering in the fall. I just snagged my first freelance contract and am hoping this is the year I transition into a full time programmer.


Hello everyone. Good evening from Nigeria 🇳🇬.

I am Opara Prosper, I am a newbie web developer and am madly in love with JavaScript and anything JS.
I have been able to learn HTML,CSS,JavaScript, jQuery && Bootstrap. Am currently learning ReactJs && nodeJS (working towards been a MERN STACK developer).
Am here to connect && learn && contribute as much as possible.

Am so enthusiastic about all there is to learn here!


Hello everyone!

My name is Wern, and I'm a freelance web developer (primarily using PHP and Laravel). I also do mobile app development on the side using React Native.

Non-dev thing that I've been doing lately? Yoyoing. I'm actually picking up something new for 30 days just for the sake of enjoyment.

I'm here because as a freelancer I often work on projects alone. So I don't gain that many insights when it comes to development. I'm interested in incorporating Docker, unit testing and continuous integration as part of my development toolset and workflow. Up until now I've only used Vagrant and no unit testing (and other types of testing) for the web apps that I develop. So I'm hoping you could help me out with that :)

Oh and I also write tutorials for Tutsplus (Mobile Channel) and Pusher, so I might post a link to newly published articles every now and then.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!


Hi, I'm Jimmy and I come from France. I'm Lead Dev and Full stack developer in a french software vendor.
I love PHP and I am a lot interested in all clean code stuff.

I read dev.to for a while now and love your community. So I decided today to subscribe and, why not, to publish posts if my english is under stable ^


Hi, i’m an 11 year old 8th grader that uses a modern tech stack to make fun projects. I know Java, C#, NodeJs, Python, PHP and all of the useful front-end languages (HTML, CSS JavaScript). I teach at GeekExpress and i’m CEO of GigaGamma. Excited to learn and interact on dev.to!


Hello everyone,
Welcome to the world of tech, At the end of 2018, Want to become one of the top front end developer. Though I have set a big goal for this year,but hardwork and determination can lead me to my goal.


Hello, Erik here, the Hawaii missile alert article got me here. I'm originally from Romania but also have some Hungarian blood inside me. A am junior developer at a startup in London, UK. Really exited to get to know you. Ah by the way we are hiring a mid level developer, we do full stack javascript, react, angular, node, aws etc.. all the fun stuff, the project is really promising and we got a bunch of funds too so get in touch if you're interested. Happy new year!


Hello, I'm Luis, last year I read a lot of the content you gave, so this year I will start writting some Posts.

I'm a Full Stack Developer, using python/django for backend, ionic3 for mobile apps, and some AngularJS for the frontend.


Hello! I'm Anita and I'm happy to have found this group. I'm not exactly new to coding, but this is the year that I'm finally going to buckle down and find my dream job as a web developer. Looking forward to getting lots of good advice on how to make that happen!


Hi buddy! I was reading an article about life changing scenario with just a single line of code and found dev.to during follow that.

I'm working with android development and trying to growing up myself to explore and gather more and more. Its nice meet you all. Thank you. :-)


Hi everyone, Shawn here. I'm a software developer from Milwaukee, WI. I have always had an interest in how things work. I started out in IT as a PC tech and very slowly found my way to dev work. I found this site from a retweet by someone I follow. I just joined yesterday because, frankly, after reading some of the posts and comments here along with the discussions on Twitter it seemed like a good place to be.

Fun fact: I'm best friends with the current drummer for the Violent Femmes. It's still weird to think that we've been friends since before he even played the drums.


Hey! I'm Luke, and I'm currently doing an apprenticeship in Software Development! I'm almost entirely self-taught when it comes to coding, I enjoy learning by doing so will make a small utility app and then go from there!

I've been following this site on Facebook and reading articles for a while so thought I may as well sign up for an account and say hi to y'all!

I also play drums, and I've started a blog about my programming and musical exploits over at rugulous.wordpress.com!

Feel free to come to me with anything - I've dabbled in development for web (both front end and server side), Android and Windows, in a variety of different languages, so hopefully I can be useful!


Hello there, My name is Edinaldo, I'm a 25 years old web developer at the local town hall, where we develop an awesome Intranet, and after reading a lot of posts here, I've decided to join the community and even sharing my very first post. It's about how to improve myself and how can I learn more, what do you think guys?

not so fun fact: my english is awful, sorry bout that :D


I am Business Growth Strategist at A Leading Mobile Application Development Company Solution Analysts. Most of the time I spend on exploring online tools that can help Entrepreneurs to grow the business.


Hi all! Happy new 2018!

I published Full-Text Search in Django with PostgreSQL and I hope to publish other articles during 2018


Hi everyone!

I'm a mid-level application developer, mainly C#/.NET. Stumbled on this community via Google cards and thought it interesting. Looking to expand on my skills as a lead and improve my knowledge in software design and testing.


Hello everyone!

I am Nafis. Enthusiastic Developer/Programmer/Engineer something like that, I am not entirely sure. I worked at Upwork quite a lot as a freelancer. I like Javascript very much and know quite a lot actually, like, Node.js, Express.js, Angular, React, Next.js, Electron.js, D3.js, Three.js, CreateJS, gulp, webpack, etc. But I basically didn't mind working with other languages and tools like, Android-java+native, Espresso UI testing, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, MySQL, MongoDB, Java, Python, C#, Unity3D, Blender, SketchUp, C++, C, Arduino ........ I know what you might be thinking, like, "Cool it dude, you seems pretty messed up with your focus!" Well, may be, I don't know, may be a little bit? :D

May be a little bit more messed up cause comparing to my diversity of skills, number of fully completed portfolio finished all by myself is significantly less. I know this and trying to fix this drawback.

Last night, I watched the movie, Divergent and felt like, yeah! I might be a Divergent actually! I don't really fall into any category yet do pretty well with whatever I am up to at the moment! No, not always, Haha. Wrote a little too much about me. feel free to criticize and troll but don't expect me to feel good about it though. :P

Thank you all! Cheers!


Hello all....I don't think I've ever seen this site, but I came across an article and saw the 'shameless plug', looked around a bit and it seems like one I wish I'd have seen long ago...

Self taught, been at it daily, religiously for about 18 months and I really enjoy it... Didn't plan on trying to make a career change, but now that's all I think about. It's one of those fields where I never feel like I know enough to make the jump though, and I have a full time job and family, so quitting my job for an internship that is low-no pay isn't really an option.... I'd gladly take advice, but that's not what I'm here for, just here to learn and enjoy myself... Good day!


Hello All,
My name is Jason. I am from Seattle but have been living in Japan for the past 15 years. I am changing my career and I have always loved coding. I am interested in communicating with like-minded people and learn from them as well.
Right now I am pretty proficient in HTML, CSS/Sass, and not bad with JavaScript. I also like programming in Ruby/Rails. I am interested in learning more about JavaScript frameworks and Python.

Fun fact: I can speak Japanese.


Hi! I'm Jerome, I come from Manila and I work as a recruitment specialist but now I've become really interested with computer programming. I just started learning via freecodecamp and some android apps. There's so many languages to learn, what do you usually learn first?


Hi Joboy here!
Stumbled on this community at the end of 2017 and liked the wide variety of content and friendly discussion.
I've been quietly developing line of business applications, for about the last 15 years, for a retailer based in the UK and thought it would be good to join a community of Devs and share experiences - well at least that's my intent, just got to commit to keeping it up!


Hi Everybody !!

Greetings from Colombia, I'm a system engineer, and this is my first time I'll try to write something about software. I have no much experience in both (writing and soft), but I'll try do my best effort.

Pd. Sorry for my poor english.


Hi! I have done web design since 2000 and some web development mostly as a freelancer but I've also worked for a Video Production company and a Startup. My goals for this year are to get competent with JavaScript through reading, taking online courses from Frontendmasters.com (no affiliation) and to regularly blog either tutorials or other tech articles in order to get a job. I haven't been fully active in a career due to a physical disability, but I'm ready now to go out and try to at least get a part-time job. I also volunteer at the Boston PHP Meetup group to co-moderate virtual book studies.



Hello Everyone!!!
I am shivam from India. I have decent knowledge of computer fundamentals, programming and web development.

I have been extensively worked in Java, Javascript and C++.

I regularly read the blogs posted here. So today i decided to join this community.


Hi there! I'm Tom, I work as a front-end software engineer for Veritas Technologies. I live in West London and am currently mainly developing Angular apps (Typescript, Node, etc). I graduated from Brunel University London in July 2017, however I've been doing front-end stuff for about 4 years with an extra 3 of basic web design/development (Wordpress, HTML/CSS/jQuery, etc). I also have experience with React (and Redux, Styled Components, FlowJS, etc), a little bit of AngularJS and some other small stuff. Looking forward to learning tons in 2018!


Hi! I'm Eliud. I got here because I was googling about the blockchain and ebooks, the only link I found that wasn't a book a about Bitcoin was a post here, and it was written by a fellow Mexican. 😅

Fun facts: I'm a book person, actually. At some point I ran a bookshop. I love the classics: Shakespeare, Keats and James Joyce but also sci-fi authors like Ursula K. Le Guin. I was born and raised in Mexico City. My fav singer is David Bowie. 👨‍🎤

I've been learning to code for a year and I'm really into Front End development and static generators. I always love learning new things but coding really challenges my view world, and that's amazing. I've been a Linux distros and Unix for 15 years or so, and loved the command line ever since. I really don't know why it took me so long to actually get my self into code. 🤓 I'm loving JS and currently learning React.


Hello there! I'm a computer science student at university of Trento (Italy) your website as well as Instagram account is so cool :top::top::koala::koala::koala: I've looked a long time for something like you


Hi! my name is Vick Vasquez, and I'am developer full stack js, fan of ReactJS, offten write articles in my blog about web technologies => goo.gl/uwyFKF.
At moment am develop app in android for recruiters.

Glad to be part of this community.
Happy new year 2018 :)


I'm Alistair from Belgium, I'm currently studying mobile development and am in love with Android.
I graduated in Tourism which is totally not related to development but I discover the wonders of code last year and now I strive to improve!

I found about dev.to through Twitter and thought it would be a good idea to be in a dev community. I want to read about other's ideas, share mine, discuss and discover.
Beside code I love unicorns so I'm pretty pumped about the unicorn emoji you can react with on posts here! :p

Have a nice day!


hello everybody,
my self Kavya, i love to know about Technology, Technology is something I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to study management and IT.
For me, the most attractive aspect of technology is problem solving. Problem solving is a challenge I have always loved – from completing puzzles. The potential of where we could be in terms of technology in 50 years’ time fascinates me, & it’s exciting to know that being involved in technology allows me to take my career in any direction.


Hi, I am Jonathan, I am a Java Developer in a large company where we provide solutions for telecomm. I came here to learn and also share what I know. I found this community really great.

Fun fact: I lived must of my life near from the beach (like 1 hour by car) but I don't know how to swim.


I'm a mobile app developer since 9 years, work on iOS and Android and started on angular recently, I am founder of the App development company Agicent and we've been featured in top app development companies for startups list across various review sites. My real name is Sudeep.


Hey guys, I am Ray Besiga. A product designer and front-end developer from Kampala, Uganda. Excited to join a vibrant developer community. I look forward to learning stuff and also sharing what I know. Cheers.


Hi everyone i am a beginner in learning codes i am here to learn more from you guys and give back to the community.

I recently learned basic PhP programming.

Any body with material i can interact with to perfect my skills.


Hey everyone I am Usama. I am a Laravel Developer and a student of Computer Science.
I have been following dev.to for like 6 months. Now I decided to sign up and make a discussion post. If you could guide me by answering and discussing my confusion on my post. That would be fantastic.
It feels great to see so many developers in one place.


Hi I'm Soma!

I have graduated in Computer Science in February 2017 and I'm working as a software developer since December 2016. I'm working in a small company (3 devs). We are developing a video management system.

I like the articles here I'd like to write one (or two :D).


Hi there. I'm a old-timer in the development field, wrote my first IF statement in 1979, and started coding professionally in 1989.

For many years I've repeatedly evolved into being the "enabler" on my team - the guy who writes and/or builds the stuff to make everyone else's jobs easier & more efficient. From building a text-based windowing UI in C/8080 assembly (for MS-DOS), to creating HTML-generating libraries, report generators, to building and running the server platforms, that's been me. The Plumber. I get my hands in all the nasty stuff, so you don't have to.

Currently in a Gov't contracting environment, focused at the moment on DevOps - building and maintaining an OpenShift cluster and a CICD pipeline for Java & Node.js developers.


Hy everyone! i am chidiebere from Nigeria. My dream is to dig everything that will certify me a profound web developer. I already have some skills in web development (HTML5, CSS3, js-still on it) I will be excited to work in any giant tech company. Also, it will be my pleasure that my contributions here on DEV impacted someone positively— for sure, it will! lets do this!


Hello, my Name is Franck, I'm a Junior Web Developer from Burundi. What brought me here is to connect and share knowledge with other developers from around the world and find new things to learn as I want to learn many things about web development. thank you


Hi all! I'm a co-founder of Infinite Red, Inc., a software design and development agency based near Portland and the Bay Area and which is fully remote. I live in Washington state near Portland with my wife and four kids. I'm a software engineer by background and COO now. I enjoy working out, church (I'm a Lutheran), watching basketball (NBA mostly), some woodworking, and code.

I've been coding since I was 12, with QBasic. Since that time I've written code in Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Ruby, RubyMotion, Java, Objective-C, Elixir, Swift, JS on React/React Native, Lua, Elm, and many more. My primary languages throughout my career have been PHP at first and then Ruby, Elixir, and JavaScript.

I'm not sure what to expect on this site, to be honest. I have lots of places to discuss software development. But I'll hang out and see what it's about! Good to meet you all.

If you'd like to connect with me on Twitter, feel free: twitter.com/jamonholmgren. Also GitHub: github.com/jamonholmgren and my personal website: jamonholmgren.com. You can email me at my first name @ infinite.red.


Hey my name is Craig and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I mostly code in C++ but am currently learning some Python. I'm also heavily into fitness, mostly boxing, which I've been involved with one way or another since I was 7 years old.


Hy everyone! i am chidiebere from Nigeria. i am happy to be part of this community. My dream is to dig everything that will certify me as a profound web developer. I want to work in world renowned tech companies like Google, yahoo!. Also, i will be very happy that my contributions to this community will help the community grow. lets do this!


Hello all!

Wow I just found about dev.to and I can say it looks like a great place for fellow dev-minded people like myself! :D

I'm from Mexico City, and I'm in the middle of updating my tech stack from: Ruby, Rails and Angular to Elixir, Phoenix and Vue.js.

I like to do data visualization with D3, have done work with it on GIS stuff, interactive charts and visual tools.

I intend to get my feet wet into machine learning later this year as I keep hearing good stuff about fast.ai courses and PyTorch!

Other interests: VR, gamedev, procedural generation, algorithmic art.


Hey everyone! My name is Frank. I'm a third-grade teacher who recently decided to start learning computer science and programming this year. I recently started Harvard's CS50X course on edX and I have been dabbling a bit in C#.

Looking forward to connecting with some like-minded people and learning as much as possible!


Hello dev world! Happy new year!

I'm Mijo, web developer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm always looking to learn something new and to share my experiences with other people, so I found your community and decided to join. I found many interesting resources to learn on your website, so I'm happy to gain more new skills in 2018. Wishing you all the same!


Hello everyone! I'm Guido, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently a Jr. front end developer with emphasis in React/Redux and Vue. I'm amazed by the good vibes and content that runs in this community. I know that I'll learn a lot here and I will help anyone who needs it with the knowledge that I have. Thanks for reading and good year to you!


Hello All,

I'm Robert - a web developer working in higher education. Looking to make 2018 a year where I raise my game and get into some more complex coding. Began the year learning about JAMstack and what it's all about.

I'm here to interact with other developers and keep my self informed on what's happening in the development community.

Fun fact: I've lived and worked for more than 10 years in the Middle East. The weather here is perfect in January (don't miss the arctic chill in the East Coast at the moment).


Hey all...I've followed dev.to on Twitter for a while. Thought I'd sign up and get the full experience!


Just discovered you guys on HN. Nice site. Hi all 👋

I'm an architect. Generalist by choice. techops, python dev & advisor. I also blog a lot about things I'm interested in. Some recent ones... Is Amazon too big to fail? and this one... 30 questions to ask a serverless fanboy. Stuff like that.

I like to think critically. my GitHub


Hi everyone,

I am Joseph. I enjoy problem solving, reading, learning and coding. My favorite language is c# but I also enjoy python, php and javascript. I enjoy football/soccer a lot but I love Jesus Christ and my family. I look to impart knowledge and experience whenever I can.


Hello everyone, I am very excited to be here. I know there are many experienced people writing here and I am thrilled to start reading and also contributing.

Currently, I am learning about programming language theory and embedded software development.



I'm Raúl. I work at a software consulting firm using Microsoft technologies, mainly mobile. I found this site out of luck via a Facebook post and it seems quite interesting. I enjoy learning new things and constant improvement and as such, I believe this is a great match.

Nice to meet you all :D


Hello, new on here ,so new I haven't yet read the code of conduct but still ticked it anyway.hope to learn from y'all



I'm Bruno, current a junior developer working mainly with PHP, I followed the twitter account of dev.to and decided to join in!
I hope to continue learning with the awesome posts here and hope to someday write one myself!


Hello everyone. Happy new year to all.

I'm Chinmaya, a backend dev from India. Just found out about this site. Glad to be part of this community.


Been following on twitter for a while, seems like some good discussions happen here so I joined. Full time remote front end dev. Working with React, Redux, GraphQL, and a host of other shiny new tech at Decisiv Inc.


Hi everyone !

I'am a student from Belgium and I just discover this amazing dev related blog.

Hope I will learn a lot by hanging out around here :-D


Hi everyone i read every day the topics in this site, so i decide to sign in and try to make a contribution to the community.
I'm from Mexico and have my own company of software developer.
I'm migrating all my systems to web on codeigniter framework.


I'm an Angolan web developer and the creator of the doesangue project (github.com/doesangueorg). doesangue is an open source and free platform that turns easy how we can found blood donors, blood banks and people who need donations online.

You can read more about it here


Hello guys! My name is Milos and im on my way to learn programming languages. My biggest wish is to influence and change the world. I hope i will make it! :)

And im 18 and living in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Hello everyone! I’m Brenda, I’m 23 and I’m from Mexico. My goals are to become an excellent programmer and designer, I’m still a beginner and it’s a long way up there, that’s why I’m happy to be in this community, hope we can have a great time!


Hello, I'm Tonny from DRC in africa. I'm a web and mobile app developer , work on Android , php. I am founder of the #1 hip hop wesite in my country. talents2kin.com


Hello everyone, happy to find another developer resource.


Hello DevTo community, I'm an old software engineer based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and just reached out this amazing community and fell in love. Join to this community will definitely make my 2018 rocks.


Hi everyone!
Just wanted to say this looks like an awesome website. Keep up the great work!


Olá. Estou aqui mais para aprender do que para ensinar.Tentando aprender Python. Fico feliz de estar aqui.


Hello to everybody. Im from Colombia and im a Junior Developer.


Hello! Ben, your Twitter post brought me here. 💃🏼


Hi all! Happy new 2018!

I am Maico, I am a Php Developer. I came here to learn and also share what I know and at the moment beginning to learn ReactJS.

Glad to be part of this community.


Hi there, back-end dev from Paris mainly using PHP/node. Glad to meet you all


Hi people, I'm Angel. I hope you have a great 2018. Regards.


Hi everyone! I'm a self-taught full-stack dev who loves the thrill of seeing his creations come to life.


Hello, Everybody, I am old man coder, and I am really glad to find a community like this, hopefully I can share my knowledge and of course learn from others.


Hello everyone, bonjour from Bordeaux France. Good wine and passionate coders.🍷🤓


Helloooo. I found this place after reading a couple awesome articles. Want to share my stuff as well. Looks awesome. <3


I am Web Technologist and keen to learn react!


Hi! I'm Luis Costa, a backend software developer from Lisbon, Portugal. I've joined dev.to with hopes of participating more and giving back to the community.


Hi! I'm Eric, a web developer and educator in New York City.

Fun fact: I made some Sloan stickers a little while back instagram.com/p/Bd0LTYIFR2C/


Hi, I am Darren and presently in process of learning web development and found this through Twitter.


Hello guys my name is Ian. I was brought here by an article on twitter and am intrigued by this community. I hope to contribute my own articles on JavaScript or Go in the near future


Hey everyone, I did linguistics at Uni, and a course where we did statistical analysis with language data and R got me into programming.

What got y'all into software development?


I'm Victor(@kismatcoder ), a product designer and full stack developer, I love connecting with awesome devs and learn new things everyday.


Hello everyone. I'm pretty good at saying things that offend people apparently my life needs steady sarcasm tags. LOL


Hi there! I'm a C++, VR and Open Source guy from France! :D


Heya- got here via the article about how the missile warning was the devs' fault. Like the site!


Hello! I am Christian from Nicaragua, Excited to be here, hope to learn a lot and get some expiration from you guys. Nice to meet you.


hello. I'm Seara, I'm a newbie in web development.I want to learn more about the front end.


Hello everyone, I am Bala Hantsi, just surfing twitter then I dev then I tell myself "Dude go there" I hope not to regret coming here


Best regards from Guatemala everybody!! and long life to the code.


Hi Devs,
I am new to this site and I think its great. YALA YOLO


Hello, I am Shalini. I have been reading dev.to post recently and liked it.So, I decided to sign up.


Hi. Glad to be here. A growing backend developer


Hi there, I am Anton. I work for BuildingConnected and love JS and functional programming. I am here to learn and share what I know with others. I have a 🦄


Hello I am here because I follow my friend and give him unicorn


Hello, I just joined, I work as a web developer and I love reading about programming, greetings to all


Hello everyone

I’m Sarah,software Developer. Hopeing to Network and learn.



Hi, I am here to read and hopefully write helpful posts about mathematics, web development, functional programming, Linux and 3D graphics.


Hey! My name is Hamza this is my first post here, i've been reading posts here for a while and thought why not sign up. Really excited to be here.


Hello Everyone!

Hoping to get back on track with all things development (coding, learning different languages) javascript, python, node, etc..


Hello! I'm Marcio from Angola/Africa, looking forward to helping the community and learning from you.

Note: I do not speak English. I use the translator lol. I speak Portuguese...


I'm newbie who recently dive into web development field!!! And I love to learn everything about tech 😁😁😁


Hello everyone,am eni, from Africa,am a front end developer,lover of code,may the code be with me,I sign up to learn more to my skill and also meet top devs here,may the code be with you all🤗


Hello everyone,Myself Chandan.I read a lot of articles here and found them very interesting and useful.
I want to be a part of this awesome community.


Hello Everyone, I understand client needs and flairs to offer a viable solution and We, #mobileappdevelopmentcompany are Help You! Want to know more?


Hi there! I actually don't know how I ended up here, but I'm glad to be in dev.to, I want to learn more and more from you guys!


Fun fact, I was supposed to go to Ju-Jitsu today but I felt really tired.


Hello everyone! Happy 2018 :) I have been following this community on Twitter for a while now, it's amazing!


Hello everybody. I'm glad to be part of this community. I hope to learn a lot of things with you this year :) _^


I do lisps, oop and posix. I hope you can teach me some about younger techniques and systems.


Anyone here from wet and cold Manchester and also 11 years old.


Hello everyone!
My name is Nicholas (@nicklleite ). I'm a web developer on a live marketing company.
Let's make some difference, let's get things done!


So happy to have found this site! A really great platform for community :)


Hi all. After seeing a couple of tweets leading to this site, I decided to join. I am a web developer from Nigeria. Currently learning how to build web apps with python and javascript


Hi I am Wilfried, an Android developer. Here to learn more and teach some.


Hello everybody.
Read, Learn, Think, and Share.
Happy to be here.


Hi everyone! I'm taking part in #CNC2018. I work in a newspaper, I use python and I'm learning JS.


How to password protect a folder and hide folder? Hacking Tutorials



Hey everyone,

I'm James and I'm a Web Dev from the West Midlands, England.

I joined the community to keep up to date with tech and help you all out where I can.


Hi everyone!!

I'm rebooting my developer size and want to learn lots of thing.
Hope to do it with you, guys!

Greetings from Spain!


Hey! I'm Dhurba Baral and I'm currently working as RoR developer. I enjoy learning new things, coding, traveling and exploring new technology stack.


Hey all, I'm Mark, from Dublin, Ireland and currently working as Developer support. Came here after reading about it from Randell Dregges on Linkedin. Hope ya'll are well!


Hello and Welcome. I'm a Nairobi Developer and 2018 is going to be all about vue, laravel and TDD for me. Hoping to find and share excellent resources on dev.to


Hey everyone, I'm Patrick Stapleton aka PatrickJS. I'm the CTO and Co-Founder of Tipe (YC W18)


Followed article on Google. First article was one on setting up Mac for frontend development. Excellent!


Hey! I’m a team lead for a team of .Net devs! Great to join this community!


Glad to join in on what looks like promising tidbits of wisdom. Hope whatever I contribute is useful to the collective.


Hello everybody! I'm a computer science student at university of Trento (Italy) your website as well as Instagram account is so cool 🔝🔝🐨🐨🐨 I've looked a long time for you


Hi everybody!
I'm Yaroslav, a backend developer from Ukraine.
Great resource! Thanks for it!


Perl developer here. Looking for others of same ilk.


Hello everybody! I'm a computer science student at university of Trento (Italy) your website as well as Instagram account is so cool 🔝🐨 I've looked a long time for you



I'm Christ. A PHP developer. I am glad to join dev.to.

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