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Welcome Thread - v103 staff on December 09, 2020

Welcome to DEV! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just ...
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Henrique Leonardo Riffel

Hi, guys,

I'm Henrique, a 23 years old Backend Engineer from Blumenau, Brazil who has been developing software for 5 years.

I'm an architecture and backend enthusiast, mostly familiar with Java.

I look forward to keep on learning and keeping up with the changes in the tech world with you guys!

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Brayden W ⚡️

Heyyy 👋 , glad to have you aboard!

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George Seletski


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Aleksei Mironov


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SPS Namta


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🪐 𝒏.ℬ


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Mareboina Ravi

hai sir

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Hello Henrique, I just joined the community! And came here to say Hi and hope we're gonna learn from each other.

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Mohamed Souibgui

Hi :D 👋

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Thread Thread
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Ogunsipe Oluwaseun Isaac (zaacwilliam)


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Juan Primo

bem vindo ao grupo meu amigo.

É tudo meu portugues 😄

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RayhanADev • Edited
let me = “RayhanADev”;

async function query(website) {
  let info = await fetch(website, {
    method: “POST”,
    headers: { “Content-Type”: “Hai!”},
    body: JSON.stringify(“Gimme Data”)
  }.then(res => res.json())

  return info;

function introduce(username) {
  console.log(“Hi, there”);
  console.log(`Name’s ${username}`);
  let data = await query(“”);
  console.log(`I’m ${data.age} years old, and live in ${} specifically ${}, ${data.state}.`)
  console.log(‘Also, I know LOLCODE!’)

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Okay in all seriousness, hiya! Name’s Ray I live around Dallas, Texas and am a freshman attending high school! I have an interest in coding, and especially love Frontend but am also experimenting with Backend! Until the next time, peace!

PS: I love Furrets!

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Katelynn M Tenbrook

The places I could've been if I started coding in high school... Keep it up!

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there's not much. no one takes you seriously when your in highschool and loves coding. it's very hard to get anything done with school and coding.

Thread Thread
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Katelynn M Tenbrook

You just don't see it yet. When you get older and you tell people that you loved coding as a kid they will be impressed. Not to mention the kind of experience you have just from teaching yourself from such a young age.

Thread Thread
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Sanjaay R.

But I feel like everyone does coding now days(including kids). I used to be happy thinking I was rare but look at Most all of us are under 18(other than mods). I do think it is very good learning coding from a young age though(cause I absolutely love it).

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Codemonkey51 • Edited
import devto
import brain

for i in devto.feed():
  if( == "RayhanADev"):
    user ="RayhanADev")
    i.reply(f"""Hello {}, 
I remember you from {[0]}.
Have Fun with {user.projects[-1]}""")
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Woah, hello RayhanADev... I think I know you from somewhere.... oh yes

Can't wait to see what you make on (I just joined today myself)

Have fun with your repl api package! :D

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Chill Bits

LMAO I'm dead when seeing import brain

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Kyle Mistele

Hey, a fellow Dallas dev - welcome!

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Brayden W ⚡️

Super creative - ❤️ it!

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Ray! I didn't know you were on!! Nice to see you here

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Sanjaay R.

Hi, I joined today cause of Coder100's post. The whole repl community seems to be here.

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Sanjaay R. • Edited

Hoi Rayhan. Long time no talk. Join the org on GitHub. Go here. It seems like the whole repl community is here. I just joined myself.

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Sanjaay R.

Wait a sec this looks wrong, i created the org 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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Christopher Kruse

Sort of sad that doesn't exist yet...

Welcome! 😁

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Lauren Waller

I am a mom of three little ones. I have been learning Frontend since right after my first child was born. In my spare time, I learn and practice web development as much as I can. I can't wait to get my first real job in Frontend development.

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Mir Rahed Uddin

Welcome, Lauren to the Dev Community. Being a mother is a really tough job. Thumbs up for your courage to learn new things. Hope you and the kids are doing well. Love from India

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That's great that you have so many kids!
I have three kids, too. I have three sons.
I love Java.

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Sulaiman Rahman

Hello, I'm new here. I'm 24, from Nigeria. I just started out learning web development and I'm currently on the front end working with html, Css and javascript. My goal is to become a full-stack developer

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Aleksei Mironov


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Welcome Sulaiman 👋

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holly boyles

Hi! I am Holly. I have been here for a few days so I guess I should introduce myself. I am currently learning C#. Once my spring semester starts I will be adding Java to the mix. I am a career changer in progress after spending a lot of years in the dental field.

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Alex Alves

Hello guys!
My name is Alex, I'm from Campinas-SP-Brazil. I'm acting with IT for more than 5 years. I hope to learn a lot here and to contribute too. I'm like to write articles about technologies, architecture and C# development specifically. And in out of time, I'm like to see soccer and play it too.

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Hola comunidad, entrando al desarrollo web, primeros pasos, html,css, python, js entre otros lenguajes. saludos cordiales! desde Buenos Aires Argentina.
Hello community, entering web development, first steps, html, css, python, js among other languages. best regards! from Buenos Aires Argentina.

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Katelynn M Tenbrook

Hi guys and gals,
My name is Katelynn Tenbrook and I have a passion for technology and what can be improved with it. I have been developing my coding skills for 2 years now. I'm proud to say that I know ASP. Net, C#, SQL, JavaScript and much more. I am currently developing my skills in the MERN stack and I'm super excited to start writing some articles centered around technology. I hope you drop me a follow :). Fun fact about me, my favorite food is tacos.

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Neha Maity


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Kyle Mistele

Hi everyone!

I'm Kyle - hacker, software engineer, and most recently, co-founder of a SaaS startup that sends real-time application error notifications to code owners (shameless plug:

I'm a big fan of Python, Node.js, and Golang, but have experience in frontend dev too. I love building with Linux and cloud technologies, especially serverless.

I'm looking forward to learning with y'all and contributing to tech discussions!

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Husni Adil Makmur

How can you delete all series that you previously created but you don't need them anymore?
My OCD keeps screaming on that badge.


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Daniel Dupont

Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel, I am 25 years old and I live in Paris.

I am a full-stack freelance developer and I mainly develop on React, React Native, TypeScript, Node.js, GraphQl.

I am very passionate about music. Outside of my dev time I compose with FL Studio. I have fun creating trap, edm, raggaeton and other genres

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Hi there, my name is Akshaj. I'm a 15 year old front end developer and I am learning back-end developing. Currently I am having knowledge of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. I am thinking to learn python and Java. I live in India and aims to join Google. And I will achieve it.😤

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Massimo Artizzu

Welcome! It's nice to see someone so young! 👏

akshajsaini profile image

Thank you🤗

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Arvin Medina

Hello guys!

I'm Arvin, a 19 years old student, studying BS in Information Technology at Philippines.

I love learning and mostly passionate when I am highly motivated and productive.
I'm interested in Full-Stack Development, AI, Machine Learning and more. I may not know how, but I am interested learning about it.

With all that said, I am new to this community, I don't know much about it, but I am looking forward to know a lot of people and learn from them too. 😄

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Vincenzo Di Vico

hi to all! i'm Vincenzo, i'm 38 and i'm a developer from italy. i work withi php and javascript. i was using Kohana framework becouse my agency asket it to me, now i'm switching in laravel. i read dev articles from month, i love them, so i decide to sign in

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Saloni Goyal

Hi Vincenzo 😃 Welcome to DEV.

vindiv profile image
Vincenzo Di Vico

thanks :)

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Sanjaay R. • Edited

Hi, I am whippingdot, a kid who likes coding and who wants to learn Nodejs, JS, and CSS. I know C++, Python, and HTML.

#include <iostream>

using std::string;
using std::cout;
using std::cin;

int main()
  int age = null;

  string hobby = "coding";
  string passTime = "look around on the web.";
  string mostTime = "studying my school work";
  string personName = "RayhanADev";
  string websiteName = "";

  string reply = "";

  cout  << "Hi everyone, I am " << age << " years old.\nI like doing " << hobby << " and to pass time I " << passTime << "\nMost of the time I am " << mostTime << " but I do spend 2 hrs coding per day.\nI also search the web for random things.\nThis is definitely not a copy of " << personName<< "'s post.\nI hope I find some cool things in this website.\nMost of the time I am on " << websiteName << " looking for good shared posts/games.\nWhat do you do most of the time: \n>> ";
  cin >> reply;

  cout << "Oh, cool, even I like doing " << reply << " but not majorly.\n";
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Follow my GitHub here and see my repl account here. I am currently making the biggest project I have ever made, though I think it is only going to be 300 lines. C ya later, bye.

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Bhavik Parmar

Hello all,
I'm Bhavik, 20 years old backend engineer from Ahmedabad, India who is final year student in B.E.

I have designed & managed my college website and participated in 4 hackathons (1-winner). I have worked with PHP, Java, Node.js in my academic career.

Currently I am learning Rails and looking forward to get knowledge and trends with this community.

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Avinesh • Edited

Hi all,

I'm Avinesh from India. I have 1 year of experience in IT. Recently I was introduced to someone on LinkedIn and this guy has started a web development course on Youtube. I started following it and I was encouraged to be a part of a community which helps you learn and grow. So here I am. I would be writing a couple of blogs on my understanding of a JavaScript book.

Looking forward to join you all in this journey.

aalbanese710 profile image

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony, I've always been interested in computers\ programming. A couple of years ago my business was hacked and I. Could not get help from anyone. I mean no one so for the last two years I have been learning as much as I can on my own but I am at the point where I need to learn from others and hope to do so here. Nice meeting you guys in advance

kmistele profile image
Kyle Mistele

Hi Anthony, welcome! I'm a big fan of cybersecurity too (Just earned my OSCP cert). I'd love to chat about it if you need help!

rickonga profile image
Riccardo Ongaro

Hi everyone,

I am Riccardo 30yo from Munich, Germany. I have been professionally working on the business side in few tech startup, this year I have joined Le Wagon bootcamp and I have learned how to code.

In the past months, I have launched my startup project which is targeting the digital talents - people that spend many hours in front of the computer. For this reason I am about to launch a new eyewear brand called ÒCIO eyewear - @ocio.eyewear on Instagram. These glasses are all that you need: (a) high quality eco friendly materials, (b) blue light blocking glasses and (c) have a magnetic sunglass clip-on :)

Looking forward to learn and contribute on interesting tech discussions.


redbeardjunior profile image

Hi there, I'm Nick - aka RedbeardJunior

I'm a Father and a Developer, I love to learn new thing's im from the Netherlands and 27 years old i'm making software far over 5 years now still learning day by day.

Be save and I wish you all a good health and a happy 2021 !

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Hi Nick, Welcome to Dev Community. Hope this community will help you to learn more day by day 😄.

Have a great day.

pratikjagrut profile image
Pratik Jagrut • Edited

Hi 🙏 everyone,

I'm Pratik, a software engineer working on open source projects for 2 years now and that could sum up my total job experience.

I like Golang, Linux, Python, Kubernetes, Football and I'm from India so spicy food (by default)😉.

I want to start tech blogging. The main reason is I want to reinforce my learning and become a better techie. The best way to do this is by teaching and sharing. If someone can help me to get started in blogging that would be great.

Let's learn and evolve together.



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mohankoneru • Edited

Hello Folks,

I'm Mohan, a 35 year old QA Engineer from US. I have been QA my whole life until now and looking to transition to development.

I've come across this website as I read a blog that explains the pitfalls of changing the roles and strategy to follow to avoid them. I've immediately created an account on DEV as it seems to have lot of authors and blogs that could help in my journey. Looking forward to share my experiences as I go...

goodnewsdaniel profile image
Goodnews Daniel

Hi Everyone!

I'm Goodnews Daniel from the United Kingdom. I love technology, though I started a bit late as I switched my career from Law to Software Engineering. So I'm here to learn how to develop web/mobile apps and hopefully connect with mentors and potential partners.

mstanciu552 profile image
Mihai Stanciu

Hello everyone!
I'm an 18 year old from Bucharest, Romania! I have been developing all kinds of software for about 4 years. I'm trying to improve my skills and add to my knowledge.

I look forward to chat with you all.

sglorym_2 profile image
Oladipo Glory

Hey there,
I'm Oladipo Glory, an upcoming web designer/ developer. I am 20 years old, I just started learning not quite long and it's been interesting.
Anyways I am a student and I can't wait to get more than enough from you guys.

codedxcyber profile image

hi guys,
I'm having issues installing SocialFish on my termux android followed the steps but the main software interface won't pop up.... having the error code that I haven't installed the necessary software to make it run

ishan25j profile image
Ishan Joshi • Edited

import {name, skills, passion} from './myself';

console.log(`Hello guys, I'm ${name}, a 19 old student currenting pursing B.Tech in computer engineering. I got skills in ${skills} and my passion is in ${passion}`);
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Hello guys, I'm Ishan Joshi, a 19 old student currenting pursing B.Tech in computer engineering. I got skills in MERN and MEAN stack development and my passion is in software development.```

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Marco Crivellari
include        c:\masm32\include\


dbHello    db    "Hello World!",0



    print  offset dbHello

    push  0
    call  ExitProcess

END  start
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Hi everyone,
I'm Marco, 30 years old from Italy. I'm working as a backend software developer, but in my free time I love doing low-level things.

My last project is called MCA (Machine Code Analyzer), a x86/x64 machine code decoder. It is useful to get instructions' length and identify each of its fields (you can find more on my GitHub - MCA.

Thank you everyone, have a nice day and stay safe! ;)

josenaime profile image
Jose Naime

Hello everyone,
I’m José, born and raised in Mexico, a 18 years old system engineering student , I’ve been coding since 2018, and nowadays I’m interested in learning about web development (full-stack).

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Hi there José 👋 welcome to the DEV community!

fr3y profile image

Hello There, Dev Community it's Frey Here. I Works on opensource projects if you have to work with me i'm free as For Now ! i know python[adv] xD. Good At making Robots ! reason :- so i can chat with some on, and i have a feeling that i will do something here to ..

owluitar profile image
Matthew S. Emerson

Hello! My name is Matthew S. Emerson.
I'm a Chemistry Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Iowa in the United States.

It seems I have a pretty different background than most that I've read on this board, but I'm excited to listen, learn, and share!

My professional career started by in my undergrad in 2016, when I performed high energy x-ray scattering experiments at Argonne National Lab (ANL), which led me toward my current work.

My current work is in a large collaborative group for the US. Department of Energy (DOE) called Molten Salts in Extreme Environments (MSEE) which is hosted by Brookhaven National Lab (BNL). This group aims to understand fundamental properties of molten salts in a nuclear reactor that replaces the coolant water with a molten salt, and the solid uranium fuel with a molten salt fuel mixture that would have dissolved uranium in it at high temperature, but low pressure.

The last 3 years of grad school, I've been performing simulations of molten chloride salts (NaCl, MgCl2, etc.) and ionic liquids (salts that are liquid around room temperature to 100C).

In the last 5 years, i've written multiple high performance codes using MPI and CUDA parallelization in C++.

I am also fluent in F90, F77, Bash, Python (I <3 Signac), and am less than natively fluent in Java.

I try to study every aspect of building, designing, and coding computers, and I look forward to keep on learning in this new community and make new friends. I'm happy to share anything i know (that i am allowed to share) in the process.

quyenpaultran profile image

Hi all, I am very glad to join you. Always wanted and now finally made it. Will be working hopefully a lot with #dotnet and #csharp and will be asking the one or the other question. Thank you very much in advance for the support!

affandymurad profile image

Dear All,

Lemme introduce myself. My name is Affandy Murad but you can call me Fandy. Currently working as iOS Developer at Otten Coffee, an Coffee online marketplace in Indonesia.

I'm working as mobile developer since 2016. My first experience as Android developer with Java language for 2 years, then carry on with Kotlin for 2 years, then become iOS developer using Swift until right now.

I look for new friends from another country to exchange our story and knowledge, either programming or culture. Nice to know you all!

salmansiddique profile image
Salman Siddique

Hi All,
My name is Salman Siddique, I am a Computer Science graduate and working as Tech Content Marketer at Cloudways.

I am married to Marketing and Tech is my BFF. I am a constant learner, currently polishing my PHP skills and getting into headless CMSs.

Hoping to learn and contribute a ton to the community. Cheers! <3

stephenmclin profile image

Hello world
I'm Stephen Mclin, a 17 year old tech enthusiast. I like everything about tech from programming to digital art. I currently have been more interested in web development and I'm on my journey to learn technologies like PHP, JavaScript and other web development frameworks.
I think it's gonna be fun working and learning with you guys 👍

blender profile image
Saloni Goyal

Hey Stephen, love your enthusiasm! 🤩

andronovss profile image
Stanislav Andronov

Hello, Hello )
Ok, let's start )
I'm Stanislav and I'm too old for this sh..[ups]. Ok, I'm 40 years old technical doc-as-code writer (DocOps) from bear-country [joke )]. It's Moscow, Russia.
I like strange things like css, asciidoc, antora and code. I rly hate the Word (hate hate).
Now I'm studying CI/CD process.
So, hug me, kiss me and let me to join to your friendly company.

ivaanrl profile image
Iván Roldán Lusich

Hello everyone!
I'm Iván, 23 years old from Argentina, and I'm really into the Javascript/Typescript world.

I love to code in React, React Native, and NodeJS.

Still have to find a job doing this, but I'm staying hopeful that an opportunity will arise.

Looking forward to reading and writing lots of posts here! Have a nice one!

kais_blog profile image

Hey everyone 👋!

My name is Kai, I'm an indie maker and web developer from Germany. I completed my studies with a Master of Science (Business Informatics) and just started blogging about web development and business-related stuff (

I'll try to regularly share my web development experience with you. Also, I hope you'll find it interesting to learn more about my life as an indie maker and some of my questionable life choices. 😏

Thank you everyone! Let's have a good time!

PS: I've just published my first (real) blog post. Until now I have only created a little tutorial series for this year's Advent of Code.

ckaridis profile image
Chris Karidis

Hello everyone, this is my first day in this community. Java developer from Greece.

prajakta1205 profile image

Hi Devs,

I am Prajakta from India.
I am a Software Engineer(.Net) in IT industry from last 5years
I joined Dev to contribute my knowledge as well as to learn new things So, here I am excited to Explore!!

nikki_ot7 profile image
Nikki Bhalodiya

Hi! Nice to meet you. :)

mcraeklaura profile image
Laura McRae

Hi! I'm Laura, 24 years old. Full stack engineer focusing on privacy/security. I graduated from university in 2018 and have been working at my company ever since. I am also involved in improving equity in computer science / stem fields. I would love to start my own company one day that involves mental/physical fitness and technology

I'm looking to keep up with new technologies as time moves on and connect with a development community! Drop a hello!

ttulka profile image
Tomas Tulka • Edited

Hi everyone,

I'm Tomas, a software developer, originally from the Czech Republic, currently living in Germany.

I'm keen on software architecture and programming, especially Domain-Driven Design and OOP.

I'm happy to meet such a great community here. I will try to contribute a bit as well!

You can catch me on Twitter

Keep on learning!

tqbit profile image

Hello guys,

my name's Tobi, I'm a 28 years young business consultant. The quarantine gave me a big bunch of time to hone my coding skills and I finally feel confident enough to leave my shell and get out into the real world.

My focus lies on Javascript's MEVN stack and I'm looking forward to deepen it together with you.

mcwertgaming profile image
Damon Leven

I'm Damon, a young student from germany. I'm lerning C++ development a short while know and I wan't to share my stories and archivements here with you all!
I look forward to learn more about programming and this awesome community.
Have a good day!

devlorenzo profile image

I just saw that you liked my second article (cheat sheet compilation 2). Can I ask you if you can also do it on the first one? It would help me a lot, I'm trying to reach the top of the week. Thank you.

gershomlapaix profile image
Nsengiyumva Gershom La paix

Hello friends, I am joining this community just to share the software engineering skills with you. I'm still student, but courageous to catch up and sharing knowledge. I'm interested in JavaScript,python and Java.

anurag_bawa profile image
Anurag Bawa

Hi Guys, I am Anurag from India. I am a System Engineer current working on SQL and Reporting Tools. I love website development. My favourite interest areas are Web Development, consulting and Cloud Computing.

luigiclaudio profile image
Luigi Claudio

👋 Hello everybody, hope you're doing great!
I've just joined DEV! My name is Luigi, I'm a senior front-end / WEB UI developer and currently a full-time consultant for a company in the online gaming industry. I have a couple of side hustles at the moment where I get to experiment and learn new solutions and technologies.

My first stab at a JAMstack ecommerce site using Gatsby, Stripe and Printful launched few months ago, that's here at - I'm the creator of the designs that you will see there as well if you get time to check it out 👨‍🎨. Very happy with that although only one item can be purchased at the time - I'm planning to implement a shopping cart solution 🛒.

The most recent side hustle I'm working is all about 🎨 colors! That you will find it here at

I'm planning on reading and learning more about Apollo Client, FaunaDB, GraphQL, React and Gatsby, Netlify, all things JAMstack!

devcj_in profile image
CJ • Edited

I am CJ, a self-taught web developer from India. Currently a full-time frontend developer and part-time freelancer.👨‍💻

My interest lies in Frontend ( React and also MERN stack), more about me and my work here: 🌏

I am looking for remote opportunities. 💼

I am looking forward to learn new things and meet new people here. 🙂

abo_homaidhi profile image

مرحبا بكم وصبحكم الله بالخير والسعادة
أنا عبدالله الحميضي
الرياض المملكة العربية السعودية
موظف بالصحة
باعتبار التواصل إهم ما يحتاجها الإنسان في
حياته ومن خلال تلك المنابر التي سخرت نستثمرها بمحاولة تفكيك بناة الفوقية وصناعة التغيير للارتقاء روحيا ودينيا واجتماعيا .. سعيد بوجودي معكم

paolourciullo profile image
Paolo Urciullo

Hey everybody...

been studying web development for about 3 months. used to be an engineering technician up until this last summer (2020) but decided to switch careers to one that was more demanding, more rewarding and just better all around.


charad7 profile image
Joy Ayitey

Hi guys,

I'm Joy from Ghana with close to 6 years of expert knowledge in Python programming with frameworks like web2py, Django and Flask.

I am currently looking to do more of cyber security now. I hope to make submissions as and when needed and hope to work along with everyone.


aneesha1 profile image

Hi frnzzz,
I'm Aneesha, a 26 years old, software devloper from Andhra Pradesh
, India who has been developing software for 5 years.
mostly familiar with Java.
I look forward to keep on learning and keeping up with the changes in the tech world with you guys!

statedlight profile image
Mat Sefton

I'm Mat, a postman and father of 4. I have decided this year to work toward a change in career into the world of web development. I have always been tech minded and wished I had done this a long time ago. Having learnt the fundamentals of HTML and CSS a while ago I am now currently leaning to code with JavaScript (and brushing up on HTML and CSS), I must say its a bit of a rollercoaster ride where motivation is concerned. When you find something tough then after lots of head scratching you work it out, great feeling! Still early stages at the moment though, Ive been at it for a couple of months.

stsryanholton profile image
Ryan Holton

Hi everyone!

I'm new here, thought I'd sign up to this community!

I'm a front-end web developer and have been developing for 5 years, I love working with Javascript and building out small web applications.

paradeveloper52 profile image

Hi Billy here, hey full on blockchain dev bootcamp 5 months in, taking time given already working in healthcare, this is massive transition so happy, bootcamp few hurdles, determined to soon finish currently open to any advice job hunting in uk. Cheers

joshb019919 profile image
joshb019919 • Edited

Howdy, all. I'm Josh, a self-taught coder with no professional experience, so far.

Right now I'm finishing the financial portion of Harvard's cs50 web track: a practice site with Python, Flask, and SQLite. My final project will be a production-ready profile page showcasing my talents.

sparkleholic profile image
Junil Kim • Edited
#include <iostream>
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    std::cout << "Hello world!\n";
    return 0;
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nirmit2207 profile image

Hello, everyone,

I'm Nirmit, 19 from India. I'm a Computer Science student and currently learning web development through articles and Mozilla Developer Network. I know HTML, CSS and little bit of JavaScript. I'm looking forward to contribute to open source organizations. Can someone suggest me some projects which i can contribute to ?

carlosds profile image
Karel De Smet

Hi Nirmit, welcome! Happy to see that you're looking to contribute to the open-source community. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to find a project for your first contribution(s). My advice would be to first build one or more projects yourself (e.g. your own website, a simple web app that you can use on a regular basis ...) to get acquainted with the Github "workflow" (using multiple branches, committing, pushing, merging ...). After that, scan these websites for more info on how to get started:

And then it basically boils down to finding projects that match your stack.
In your case, Chrome extensions might be a good start since they're mainly a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Try to build a Chrome extension yourself and then look for Chrome extensions that you find useful, find out if they are open-source and scan their issues on Github.

Good luck!

lentso7 profile image

Hi. I'm Leonard from Zimbabwe. I aspire to become a great programmer. Have learnt a few languages in the past few years and now I'm putting greater effort on Java and it's quite interesting. Feels good to acquire new skills after my 13-year military life.

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Abdullah Ismail

Hi guys,
My name is Ismail Abdullah, a junior Back-end Engineer from Nigeria.
I have been a frontend dev about 1 year ago.

I look forward to keep on learning and keeping up with the changes in the tech world with you guys!

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Matt Irby

Hi all,

I am a full-stack developer based in Atlanta, GA. I have 3+ years of experience developing software; I look forward to helping contribute some knowledge sharing, as well as learning from others.

Some languages I deal with day-to-day are C# and AngularJS, but I also have some knowledge in Python and Swift.

Looking forward to contributing!

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Leandro dos Santos