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Welcome Thread - v128

hi animation

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

Discussion (131)

thealexkates profile image
Alex Kates

Hi, I'm Alex.
Senior Software Engineer @

AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Community Builder.

I write about about full-stack JavaScript, AWS Serverless, and Extreme Programming.

Please feel free to follow me here and

celested34 profile image
Celeste De Santiago

Hi welcome! I know I don't have much experience in tech but what is Extreme Programming? lol

thealexkates profile image
Alex Kates

Extreme Programming (XP) is an agile software development framework that optimizes for quality software and higher quality of life for developers.

XP emphasizes pair-programming, test-driven development and whole-team software development.

Check out for great resources to get started!

coderslang profile image
Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Welcome Alex!

thealexkates profile image
Alex Kates

Ty 👋

luisinzu8 profile image
Luis Inzunza

Hi my name is Luis!

I am looking to change careers and land my first role as a frontend developer!
Currently working on learning algorithms. Am open to any advice/resources if anybody would like to share!

Thank you!

coderslang profile image
Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Hello and welcome to DEV, Luis! I'm building a Full-Stack JS course at Check it out and let me know what you think!

celested34 profile image
Celeste De Santiago

Hi, I'm Celeste. New to coding excited to meet with others and talk about tech and other interests. Feel free to reach out through here or my other socials:

coderslang profile image
Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Welcome to DEV, Celeste!

gbrlserrano profile image
Gabriela Serrano

Glad to see another latin woman here! :)

celested34 profile image
Celeste De Santiago


pythonvishal profile image
Vishal Chopra • Edited on

Hi, I'm Vishal Chopra.
Professionally trained as an accountant, but a passionate programmer at heart.

I love to code python and JavaScript. It's been five years since I started blogging professionally. I write about python bot scripting, web development, JavaScript coding and other technology hacks.

madtyc profile image

Hi, I am AVESh
I have cleared my 12th in 2020 and i want to master python .
but there are so many roadmaps ,vedio etc .
i am little confused
how to approach python ?
if anybody can help me to figure out this then please help.

siddharthsinghtanwar profile image

Study from a book like Think Python it is available free on the internet. The video and tutorial online are for when you get stuck but primary source should be a book or someone teaches or mentors you along.

coderslang profile image
Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Welcome AVESh!

adamholwerda profile image
Adam Holwerda

Hi, I'm Adam. I've had an account for a couple of years but I'll be writing articles soon. I'm a front-end/full-stack web developer and I like working with Typescript/React/MobX. Follow me here and I'll follow back!

omorsh profile image
omor shahriar

Hi, I am Omor, a junior frontend developer. I love to work with react.

coderslang profile image
Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Welcome to DEV, Omor 🥳

omorsh profile image
omor shahriar

Thanks 😁

ramirezmz profile image
Robertopaolo Ramirez

Hello, I'm Roberto!
Jr Software Developer,
I'm starting the journey as a software developer.
I got to know the javascript language last year... I loved it!
I'm looking for my first job as a developer and I'm looking to apply my knowledge and learn from other people.

coderslang profile image
Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer


spacerambler profile image

Hi, I'm Keely! 😸 I've been in marketing for 7 years and bumping shoulders with developers my whole career. I always loved website work the most so I decided to focus on development, left #corporatelife to freelance which has allowed me to enroll in a coding bootcamp. I'm about 2 months in 😨 but sticking with. Excited to be here!

sinaghazi profile image
Sina Ghazi


I am Sina Ghazi from Helsinki, Finland. I love traveling, museums and photography.

I do design services as a freelance consultant. Currently I am designing a service that would extremely simplify use of AI/ML by developers.

I found website while doing research on DX (developer experience). I'd like to connect with developers from around the world and learn about their opinion, suggestions and perhaps collaborate :)

Have an amazing summer!

deepaksharma1995 profile image
deepak sharma

Hi, I'm Deepak Sharma
senior software Developer
My expertise areas are front end web development.

I am a self taught programmer and always looking forward to experts in this field so that I can be a better programmer someday.

boney_platon profile image

Hello, I'm Boney.
I don't have much experience with technology
However, I am currently a member of the LatticeX Foundation in Singapore and invite community developers to participate in the Foundation-supported Platon open source project.

wise73 profile image

Salut , je m'appelle wise je souhaite devenir une front-end actuellement je suis sur html et css J attend finir pour entamer Javascript vos conseils sur comment je doit m'y prendre serrons le bienvenus , Merci

talvin profile image
Talvinder Singh

Hi, I am Talvinder.
Frontend Lead @ Publicis Sapient

I am a full stack developer with specialization in Frontend. I am exploring svelte.js these days and looking to contribute to the JS community.

Thanks :)

hermit profile image

Hi folks,

This is Hermit (not my real name).

Well, I love to work on new ideas (startup guy) and solve some problem. I am focused on building privacy preserving tools for people so that they can protect their data and money (cryptocurrency ha ha)

Looking forward to learn and share my knowledge with you all. :)

kiarasmith profile image
Kiara Smith

Hello I am Kiara.

Kiara Smith is a student at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She studies Computer Sciences. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, running, and learning the in's and out's of city culture.

gemarpets profile image

Hi, everyone I am glad to be part of this community, a junior back end developer and also still learning in DevOps and Automation test :)

rockyhoangle profile image
Rocky Le

Hey everybody! My name is Rocky.

Recently got my AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification and just looking around trying to further my knowledge and apply it. I have programming experience I've made a couple apps with java before and currently learning python and java script to do more things.

I'm currently trying to leave the retail industry and enter the IT world so any help or advice would be nice.

vjmahad profile image
Mahad Ibrahim

Hi, I'm Mahad Ibrahim. Trying to learn coding and excited to meet with others and talk about tech. I'd really love to have a mentor in here on Web Development (or any other suggestions) Feel free to reach out through my socials:

voidrizoma profile image
Karen Molina

My names is Karen!

Currently I'm Frontend, but really I studied Social Anthopologist!

So, I think the IT world is amazing! The things that we can build, all the things to learn, to practice. I don't know, it's awesome :D

martinicoding profile image
Pablo Martino Nales

Hi I'm Martino!
I'm starting a company and I'm the one doing backend. My first proroject actually coding!

We are using Node with Express on Firebase.

It's a great challenge but it's awesome!
Grateful to join here to never stop learning

devavrat profile image
Abhijeet Jain

Hi, I'm Devavrat
Frontend WebDeveloper and Data Scientist

Certified from Simplilearn and not much experience in tech. Just starting out as a newbie.

Currently I am learning python, react, and Data Structures & Algorithms.

Looking to collaborate on projects related to web and data science.

Wish me luck on my journey. Best Regards

methe1 profile image
mohammed ezzitouni • Edited on

Hi, my names Med.
Coder, working at as a Full Stack Engineer
I'm a javascript lover, but I don't mind coding with any other language, its just that JS seems to be easy to me to start project with, otherwise, I love been involved in any other new experiences that gonna make learn more about other aspect of tech

gatomo_oficial profile image
Gátomo • Edited on

Hi! I'm a student from Spain who wants to become a programmer 😸
I like programming, cats and the mountains 🏔️
I don't speak very well English and I have basic knowledge in Node JS and TS 🎋
I hope to learn new things in 🐱

gabs132 profile image
Gabriel Silva

Olá, meu nome é Gabriel, mas por favor, me chame de Gabs.
Sou Tech Recruiter na ShareRH, uma das maiores Consultorias de Recrutamento e Seleção de profissionais de Tecnologia do Brasil.

Basicamente, procuro Pessoas que estejam estudando ou queiram se aperfeiçoar em #Java, para participar de um Processo Seletivo bem descontraído para uma Imersão em Java, e ao fim do programa, ser direcionado para alguns processos seletivos de algumas empresas parceiras. Mas para isso, precisa ter alguns pré-requisitos importantes:

Pessoas da comunidade LGBTQIA+ que possuam uma base de conhecimento em programação e que estejam buscando formas de aprimorar seu desenvolvimento em Java. Além disso, precisam ter disponibilidade de:

  1. Participar de 75% das aulas que irão acontecer
    de 19/07 a 14/08 (seg. a sex., das 19h às 22h; sábados, das 09h às 16h)

  2. Ter acesso à internet de banda larga e possuir computador para acompanhar as aulas

  3. Ter muita vontade de aprender e ser um #PrideDever! para alguma vaga.

Caso tenham interesse, podem entrar em contato comigo ^^
+55 (28) 99934-7011

jarett profile image
Jarett Roman

Hi folks, I'm Jarett.
SWE @ Mailchimp.

Been using for a minute, but never made an account so here I am.

I'm a professional engineer who's finally (somewhat) comfortable with his impostor syndrome. I don't know what kind of content I'd like to write, but I would love to provide resources to help engineers getting started in their career, or exploring more creative aspects of the profession.

Also, I'm diving into studying data structures and algorithms with my current fascination with Leetcode/light competitive programming.

So hi folks!

codewhiteweb profile image

Hi, I'm Code White (don't like to use my real name)
I am a High school student, but....

I also have 2 years experience in web dev

I have learn html,CSS,JS,Tailwindcss,bootstrap
learning backend i.e node.js

bad in grammer ;)
sorry for spell-errors

waterlee23 profile image

Hi, I'm Wentao, from China. I'm currently a CTO of a startup. I've got experience of backend, web crawler, iOS and recommender system development, jack of all trade, master of none :D Glad to join this community.

shivangbhardwaj2001 profile image
Shivang Bhardwaj

hii, I am Shivang
computer Science Student
I am into Web devlopment and currently making small projects
using React.js .Recently I made a portfolio website
I will soon start writing blogs on programming
If you want a junior guy for you project you can also contact me
I love to work on what I am learning and contribute to make this world a better place 😊✌

asfiaaiman profile image
Asfia Aiman • Edited on

Hi, I am Asfia, a backend developer. My hobbies include listening to music, watching movies of all genres and gardening

Feel free to follow my accounts:
My Facebook Page:
My Instagram Page:
My Twitter Handle: