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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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macnesiadev profile image

My name is Anthony (Mac ) 24 year old First line IT technician , trying to learn HTML , Python , etc... always open for knowledge and tips :slight_smile: Everything related to coding ... Cheers Devs :peace:

prettytec profile image

Hi. How are you?

I'm new here. I'm self taught... Looking for people to learn coding with. Are you game? Lol

petermoyano profile image

Hey, What's up? Also new here, and also eager to learn. Starting with Javascript, what about you?

tenzintsundue profile image
Tenzin Tsundue

Welcome to Dev, we started this at same day

iammalan profile image

Python newbie?
Me also.
If you wanna join to code together on a GitHub respotory. Feel free to connect with me.

Thread Thread
amboulouma profile image
Amin M. Boulouma

Welcome Malan! I just made a full course about it that you can find on my profile. Hope it can help !

Thread Thread
iammalan profile image

Okay, sure

uotsab profile image

Hello, I'm a solo game developer! Looking for more game developers like me!

sbrj profile image

let's go lol ....

iammalan profile image

If you're new to Python, I suggest you to check out 'Microsoft Developer's Python Introduction Cource' on YouTube. It's simple and clear. Also, cover every basic topics. Good Luck!
I'm also a newbie.

amboulouma profile image
Amin M. Boulouma

Hey Anthony, I wish you some great luck with those learnings. I see you are learning Python ! I have just made a Python full course based on the official documentation explaining all the pythonic details in a very simple and beginner friendly way. You can find a post about it in my profile, I believe it's a great way to start your journey with Python. The full course covering the entire Python official documentation takes 5 hours. I am also available for receiving your contact and helping you in a 1 to 1 fashion ! I wish you all the best and all the greatest vibes in this endeavour. Amin

amboulouma profile image
Amin M. Boulouma

Welcome Anthony! I hope you get the most out of here !

hurricane2008 profile image

Hello bro
How are you

katruya profile image
Katruya Bryce

My name is Kat, and I'm a self-taught web developer and programming student. I'm looking for people to talk to about code and a place to share my experiences with coding.

What I know fairly well:
I know a lot of HTML/CSS/JS, C++, and some Java and Python. I use macOS as my primary development environment. I know the UNIX command-line pretty well, and I know the basics of git. I have some experience with SQL databases too! I use Visual Studio Code as my main tool of the trade.

What I want to learn:
More about algorithms/data-structures and dynamic programming concepts. I also want to learn Apple Swift. Additionally, I need to learn more about ReactJS and NodeJS.

I'm still learning but I love this stuff! Let's chat :D

amboulouma profile image
Amin M. Boulouma

Hey Katruya, I wish you some great luck with those learnings. I see you are learning Python and algorithmics ! I have just made a Python full course based on the official documentation explaining all the pythonic and algorithmic details in a very simple and beginner friendly way. You can find a post about it in my profile, I believe it's a great way to start your journey with Python. The full course covering the entire Python official documentation takes 5 hours. I am also available for receiving your contact and helping you in a 1 to 1 fashion ! I wish you all the best and all the greatest vibes in this endeavour. Amin

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez


alsiamworld profile image
Al Siam

hello. 👋

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Spiderman swinging by to say hello

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cmdecker95 profile image
Christian Decker

Hello! My name is Christian, and I’ve been a self-taught Python programmer for a couple years now. Finally going to school for Computer Science with a focus in Data Science. I just love this stuff, and I love learning new things!

miguepantigoso profile image
Miguel Pantigoso • Edited

Hola a todos, Soy Miguel Pantigoso tengo 23 años , me formo como UX/UI Designer y Front-end developer. Aunque soy un Java lover desde la Universidad.. En la actualidad estudio JS por el objetivo que me puse llegar a ser un dev en los stack MEAN & MERN.

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez


mightysho profile image

Welcome Me 👨🏻‍💻 To DEV ✨ I'm New Here 💞️

About me

package main

import (

type Bio map[string]string

func main() {
    for k, v := range GetBio() {
        fmt.Printf("%+v: %+v\n", k, v)

func GetBio() Bio {
    return Bio{
        "- 👋 Hi, I’m @Mightysho 😅",
        "- ✨ I'm passionate about learning new skills in Technology 🔭",
        "- 👀 I’m interested in becoming a Backend Developer ⚡",
        "- 🌱 I’m currently a Software Engineering student in ALX + HOLBERTON 🌱",
        "- 👯 I’m looking to collaborate with Software Multinational Companies in the USA  after my course 💞️",
        "- 📫 I hope am welcome here! 👨🏻‍💻 You can reach me in my DM 💬",
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Enjoy the games while scrolling 👀

Game 1

Game 2

hyshen profile image
HY-SHEN • Edited

My name is H.Y-SHEN, 31 years old;
Profession : between jobs;
Learning : HTML/CSS , Javascript
I am looking for opportunities to work while studying,
because I only started studying recently.
Please enlighten me

reasonabledev profile image

Hey everyone. My name is Micah.

I am currently teaching myself Python and Django.
I am interested in web development.

This is currently just a hobby for me.

I have a long way to go but I am excited for the journey.

prakashthakur0021 profile image
Prakash Thakur

Hello everyone,
I am Prakash Thakur. I am MERN stack developer. I am still learning and improving day by day. I want to really good in what i do so that i can start doing freelancing and with big and new exciting projects. I love to learn new exciting things. If anyone working here as a freelance. Please ping me suggest me some good suggestions and path.

Thank you

calebpenning profile image
Caleb Penning

Hey everyone. My name is Caleb, I’m from the SF Bay Area, I’m a self taught web dev with about a year of experience. I work with Js and python, mostly React and node. I’m also interested in building Web3 apps with solidity and node, though I’m focusing on landing a job before I get too into the hobby stuff. Hello World!

ivorguzman profile image
Ivorguzman • Edited

Mi nombre es Ivor Guzmán diseñador gráfico y diseñador web anteriormente diseñaba en
mouse de adobe y dreamweaver adobe poco a poco fui saliendo del código espagueti hasta que decidí ser desarrollador Web. Hoy por hoy estudio javascript, php y python, tratando de dominar el stack LAMP para posteriormente enfocarme en el stack MERN

alex_miro profile image
Alex Miro

Hello, i’m Alex, 32, currently working as a sales rep but for the past year and a half i have been learning the web stack so that i can change careers. I’m currently learning and trying to focus all my attention on React. Message me if you wanna exchange thoughts :) Cheers !

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez


rushabhhere profile image
Rushabh Chourasia

Hi folks! 👋 My name is Rushabh.

  • I'm an indie-maker. I love building products - both hardware and software.
  • I'm mostly self-taught and I'm constantly learning (getting into data science atm).
  • Fun fact: I've shipped everything from robotic prosthetics to Slack-Bots.
mkbn profile image

Hi All,
MK here , its nice to be part of dev community. I am looking forward to learn and contribute to this community :) Happy Learning !!

| \/ | |/ /
| \ / | ' /
| |\/| | <

| | | | . \
|| ||_|_\

ihechikara profile image
Abba Vincent Ihechikara • Edited

My name is Ihechikara. Self-taught frontend developer. I love learning and also helping other learn. So as soon as the semester ends, I'd dive into writing articles and also deploy my portfolio. I'm good with JavaScript, CSS (Tailwind & Bootstrap included), HTML and React JS(well, useEffect has been giving me a hard time XD but I'll tackle that too)... Nice to meet y'all

jonnywillrees profile image

Hi all. Graduate Frontend Dev here. Been working in the industry for almost two months now. I'm 23 years old and here to keen on learning new cool things that I can do on the web. At the moment I'm interested in learning more about the backend and what goes on behind the scenes so that I can one day achieve my goal of becoming a full stack engineer.

linhfishcr7 profile image
Ha Van Linh

My name is Linh. You can call me Fish. Because my father is fishing man. I'm a student in Can Tho University Vietnamese. My major is IT. I'm willing to learn anything, especially programming. I'm studying HTML, CSS, JS, .NET, C#, etc... A good boy OK!

ayush2007a profile image
Ayush Moghe • Edited

Hello I am Ayush Moghe I am 13 years old and currently studying in class 9th. I know python html and Javascript. I learnt all this my own from YouTube videos. I have also published my first post on Dev please view it

damilola profile image

Hello World! My name is Damilola(22).
I'm learning web development using the, currently learning the ruby language. I'm also interested in Linux and open source software. I love Vim too. Cheers

zinotrust profile image
Ewomazino Akpareva

My name is Zino.
I am a web developer and content creator(YouTube and Udemy).
My goal is to help students become better developers.
Feel free to check out my website or connect with me on Twitter


programer171 profile image

Hi my name is Programer171(That is not my real name) and I am 13 years old I am a person who loves coding and wants to become a developer in the future, but right now I am looking for somebody who can code with me, someone who knows java
and if you want to become my coding buddy you can send an email to this address:

amodhshenoy profile image
Amodh Shenoy

My name is Amodh. Recently graduated but have been coding since 7-8 years. Super interested in backend dev and looking forward to discovering some very interesting things with this community! Cheers❤

shashantn profile image
Shashant Nagpure

My name is Shashant. 25 years old, with 3 years of experience in software engineering.
I mostly work on python and go, and sometimes on java, angular
Looking for knowledge, tips and collaboration
While I was studying, really enjoyed solving algorithmic problems and had interests
in graph theory

williammonroy profile image
William Frank Monroy Mamani

Hello world!_
My name is William, I'm 20 years old and I'm really passionate about technology. I love to learn something new every day and participate in Hackathons :D I'm starting my career at university and I'm looking for my field of study because I love everything about technology. I'm learning Python, C++, C#, Java, and Javascript. I join this community because would like to help people to learn and share knowledge and passion with more people. I would like to meet you, feel free to contact me on

marcelnd97 profile image

Slt, je m'appelle Marcel.
Je suis développeur web en troisième année à l'université. Je salue vraiment cette initiative qui participe à la croissance du domaine de développement web. Suis également ouverte pour tout soutien.

ignacio45mx profile image
Ignacio Castillo Espitia

Hey there, I am Ignacio, I am mexican and I found this site and liked a lot, there is a lot of great value here, thanks all people that do it possible, some day in the future I would like to teach everything my knowledge too

matthiasuwe profile image

Hi all,

my name is Matthias, 38 years old, Software Architect working for SAP SE in Germany and giving lectures in Programming fundamentals (based on Java) at the cooperative state university in Mannheim.

I found this side just by chance via Facebook and following it now for a while. Mainly for two reasons:

  1. There is a lot of interesting content, especially for beginners and I really like to get new perspectives to improve my lectures and lessons
  2. I’m a big fan of Software Craftsmanship :-) and try to establish an internal community within our department. I already found a lot of valuable input for this by reading postings here.

I hope, I will be able to contribute from time to time in the comments. Wish you all a good time and keep going!

nadinfromc137 profile image
Nadin H. ElShanawany

My name is Nadin, I am an Egyptian studying in Computer Engineering and I have been a developer for 3 years now, hi!
I have some experience in every field, front end, back end, SQL, .Net applications, etc.

ablingeroscar profile image
Oscar Ablinger

Hi everyone, I'm Oscar, a Software Engineer and PO that's mostly here to learn about things (especially better code & leadership in tech), but I'll probably also share some stuff that I'm currently learning.

sbrj profile image

My name is MM. For ever student, learning C, know some python, c++, js, html, css, sql and kivy. I really love algoritms! So, after learn that, the rest was quite easy.

So, this is the great tip that someone gave to me: learn algoritm and logic before start a language.

logic = [
data structure is the base (stack's, queue's, search tree);
condition, loops, recursive methods;
functions and methods;
classes - POO;
Design patterns;
SOLID principes - CleanCode principes

all that inside logic is "almost" the same at the languages. what changes its the sintax or build in functions.
however, its more simple search for sintax of any language than study in any language about something again.