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Welcome Thread - v130

jello saying hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Just wanted to say welcome to everyone new and not-so-new to DEV. 👋

Hope y'all enjoy it here!

If you're wondering how to get started with posting a post, then consider checking out this article here.

If you're wondering anything else, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. 😀

micode360 profile image

Xie xie (Thank you in Chinese). I'm glad to be here. I have never taken joined any community before that I wanted to take seriously and I decided to do that. And when i just saw dev community, i just loved the place. So it's good to be here.

maryam2525 profile image

Thank you

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Joël Ephraïm Digbeu


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Michael Tharrington

Howdy! 👋

wine379 profile image

I'm new here 👋... Feels great to be here.

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Adnan Aktas


danielvillegasek profile image

excelente! gracias.

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Matija Krajnik

Hello everyone. I prepared extensive guide on developing web app using Golang with React frontend. I was looking for a platform to post it and decided for Hopefully it will be useful for many people and if you are interested in that, feel free to follow me and stay tuned :)

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The Interview Sage • Edited on

Hello Everyone! Welcome to 👋

marcusaxavier77 profile image

Hello everyone!

A little about me:

I've been "dabbling" in HTML off and on since GeoCities days. I even had my own DBZ fan site back then. During the MySpace time, I got into learning a little CSS. Although, getting CSS to work correctly on that site was a bit of a headache.

Unfortunately, coding was just one of my small hobbies and fell along the wayside as other things in life took over. Over the past few years, I've been getting back into learning (front-end?) website development. I've become a lot more familiar with HTML5 and CSS, with an introduction to Javascript. Recently, I started learning Java.

I came across this site when trying to learn how to create a digital clock via HTML, CSS, & Javascript.

rafanas profile image
Rafael Fu

Welcome, I am from Geo-cities era as well.
Making websites for my nintendo games got me a job as an adult.

brunolobo profile image
Bruno Lobo (hank)

Hello from Santo André (BR).

simpleprogrammer2 profile image
Simple Developer • Edited on

Hellow, I am from Texas, I have been long time lurker on, for lot of great articles and help during coding. First time joining this year, proud of myself to make account here finally. Promising my self to be more active here, give back to community.

gnosistommy profile image
Thomas Wurdinger

Hello from Texas

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Welcome to DEV!

Spiderman swinging by to say hello

chaosui profile image

Hello! Dropping by to introduce ourselves and welcome you as well, we are dedicated to causing chaos to ONLY better secure your assets, We are especially dedicated to earning your trust. We believe to solve potential security issues before hand is a sure way to success for all. Hi we are chaos-ui and we welcome anyone to Join this movement with us. Today brought us to We hope by joining this community we are able to reach out our help to anyone and we hope to LEARN from you! Im sure we will ❤️

philw_ profile image
Phil Wolstenholme

Hi everyone, I just posted my first DEV post!

I've also used the DEV API to show my posts on my personal site:

Honestly, after using DEV for the first time I have no idea why I stuck with Medium (🤮) for so long!

mawu85spec profile image

Hello I am Collins. A beginner in the field of programming recently started with the basics of Html5 and CSS and wish to some day be a Pro in the programming field. I was very happy to come across this community full of Professionals who I can learn from as well to develop my interest. Happy to be part of this wonderful family. Thanks

jessepope profile image
Jesse Pope

I'm a beginner as well! I started learning Python with the Ada Build Curriculum, I did Code in Place, and now I am taking CS50. If you are looking for an intro course, I would highly recommend Harvard's Edx CS50. They have amazing resources, a great community, and it's free. Good luck on your journey!

toruskit profile image
toruskit • Edited on

Hi there,

looking forward to joining this community!

We're a small team making developer's life easier with our tool that let you create CSS interactions/animations right in the HTML code without actually writing any CSS or JS:)



__thetmon profile image
テッモン キン

Hello everyone....

qbulla profile image

Hello, I'm a newbie here to all things coding & would like to learn front end them back end, & I would like to create games too... I am sure some one here knows where to direct me. Thanks in advance fellow coders

mmiguel profile image
Miguel Morón

Hellooo, I'm starting in this tech world and I want to become a software programmer, join communities where I can meet like-minded people so we can share info and get better and also people to play word with friends and pass dog memes(equally important).

amit920114 profile image
Amit Kumar

Hi everyone a new member of the DEV Community from India🤗

seymour_kern_8f2983014d02 profile image

Dear Community
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Chetan Atrawalkar

Hello Developer's.

zigrazor profile image

Hi, I'm ZigRazor. I'm a software developer specialized in C++ and Python Application.
I hope to find community support for my open source work.

This is my GitHub Profile

GitHub logo ZigRazor / ZigRazor

My Profile Readme

Hi 👋, I'm Zig Razor

I'm a Software Engineer. I love programming, and low level problems. I'm interested in CyberSecurity, Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithms.


Connect with me:


Languages and Tools:

android bash c cplusplus firebase git gtk hadoop java kotlin linux mysql photoshop postman python pytorch qt rabbitMQ rails ruby scala scikit_learn sqlite tensorflow




And this is my actual main is an header-only C++ library for Graph representation, manipulation, partitioning and algorithms called CXXGraph. All contributions are welcome ( also a simple star if you like it ).

GitHub logo ZigRazor / CXXGraph

Header-Only C++ Library for Graph Representation and Algorithms


codecov CodeFactor

GitHub license GitHub release

LGTM Alerts LGTM Grade

Generic badge Generic badge Generic badge

Generic badge Generic badge

Table of Contents


CXXGraph is a small library, header only, that manages the Graph and it's algorithms in C++. In other words a "Comprehensive C++ Graph Library".

Algorithm Explanation


Graph Dijkstras Shortest Path Algorithm(Dijkstra's Shortest Path) Dijkstra's Algorithm is used to find the shortest path from a source node to all other reachable nodes in the graph. The algorithm initially assumes all the nodes are unreachable from the given source node so we mark the distances of all nodes as infinity (infinity) from source node (INF / infinity denotes unable to reach).


Dial specialization of dijkstra’s algorithm.

When edge…

Thank you so much.
Best Regards.

sidverma32 profile image

Hi!! I am new to this community.

I have working experience in Node js [special topic memory leaks] , React ,Next Js , SEO , and some open source contributions.

Let me know what topic you would like me to start with!! 😎😁🕺🏼

programer171 profile image

Hi my name is Programer171(That is not my real name) and I am 13 years old I am a person who loves coding and wants to become a developer in the future, but right now I am looking for somebody who can code with me, someone who knows java
and if you want to become my coding buddy you can send an email to this address:

masterflint profile image

Howdy 🙂🙂

radhikasharma1998 profile image
Radhika Sharma

Hello everyone, I am new here, let me introduce my side. I have background in Linux, Python, Shell Scripting, Docker, windows server, networks and somewhat in automation. Currently, I am learning AWS and more cloud technologies.

I was looking for a platform where I can post some technical notes and enhance my writing skills.I hope that few of you can help me in writing better content in a better way.

Thanks! Keep Learning and Keep Growing.

akov profile image

Just wanted to say hello to all.
If you want to know how to use CRA + tailwindcss +jit mode check my first ever post here:

nikzad profile image
Nikzad Shahmardani

Hey everyone. I'm focusing to become a Web Developer with primary attention to Javascript. This would be my mid-life career change, which has been thought about a lot. My past experience has been varied in Sales, Operations, Training, Customer Service etc. (I think you guys get it :) ).

ssalanitri profile image
Sergio Salanitri

Hi guys, I happy to register in the DEV community. I software develiper upto 2001 and work in .net and .ner core , sql server, oracle and so on.
At this moment I very passionate with blockchain development, dapps , blockchain token protocols and the integrations using js, react and dapps frameworks.
I init my participation in this community with my first article.

I want to enjoy reading it.

otfire profile image

Hello everyone,
I'm new here. I am a frontend developer.

I want to start writing and publishing codes and blog posts here. I believe that a community of like minded people would be the best to do that.

zuntoo profile image

Hi Guys, excited to be here,
A bit of background, starting my AWS Cloud Journey after spending more than a decade in Application Assurance/Ops Teams.
Currently, I am exploring IaC like Terraform, AWS CDK for Python, Pulumi.
Developed my interested in DevOps after going through recent transformation in my team.
Hope to get in touch with you all.

shambashib21 profile image
Shambashib Majumdar


nikita684 profile image


sanketpatelhub profile image
sanket patel

Hello! Thanks for having me hear among all the tech mad buddies. May be I am late to create account on dev. But, I know dev for so long! Today, just got a thought to have an account here. Wishing crazy luck to all to keep building and publishing great content and stuff.