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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

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Great to have you in the community!


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Hello! I am at the very beginning of, what I hope to be, a long adventure into the world of development. I just started learning how to program in Swift on May 12th. I'm taking my time with it and so far I'm loving it. Last night, I completed Fizzbuzz, without spoilers, and couldn't be more elated. Anyhow, I'm super psyched to be here and I look forward to interacting with the community in the future. Take care!


Welcome my name is Chris and i am about 6 months into my long adventure into hopefully becoming a full-stack developer but like you said i am taking it slow and making sure i get the concepts down pat but i fully understand those endorphins when you figure out something that you have either been struggling with or when you complete a project all on your own! It is like a runner's high, i never felt so good as when i have struggled through and finally got the end result i wanted! It is better than a cigarette and has actually helped me stop smoking!


Hi Chris! 6 months in? That's awesome! I'm just going to keep taking this one day at a time and try to stay consistent. I've never been a smoker but I work with plenty of people that enjoy that as a hobby.. I'll be sure to let them know that coding is the best way to kick the habit ;) Take care!


Hello and welcome, I just joined as well! Happy programming :)


That's really cool. It's a tool for thinking.


I am software engineer,and I was learning react native and while searching for my answers I came across this community.I felt its a great platform to share our experiences and success to help others and also get help from others if needed.I believe teaching is to learn twice!Pleasure to be part of the DEV community!


Hello Everyone!
I am so glad to be part of this community! I love the part where you explain it like you are talking to a 5-year-old! I enjoy this part because i am terrified of Git and Github i just have no idea what a git and a github is! Do you just put work in there and everyone adds to it? I really don't understand the concept of it... and i don't understand how i as a complete newbie can contribute whatsoever to someone's project and what in the world is a repository and a commit? by the way, i am 51, i am retired and am beginning a second career as hopefully a fullstack developer once i learn everything i need to learn i love coding! I have found my dream job i want to become a remote fullstack web developer! I am often an overachiever and have to slow myself down because my last career gave me PTSD... so i need to find a way to pace myself, i often study and practice coding 6 hours a day... i already love this community you all are so great!


Well, well, well.... looks like we are in the same boat... the only difference is that I think I can understand a little bit more Git and Github.
But..... I try to learn, learn, and learn
I start in a learning camp called Chingu.io then somebody said go to freecodecamp and learn.
I tried to follow the program to learn and certify but I couldn't finish. So, let's see if people motivate me just a bit πŸ€πŸ€žπŸ––


Hello again EL_Taller,
I just checked out that program Chingu.io and it looks good for after i have learned all my skills i am sure you would have been frustrated with that experience... bent.io is a lower level and self-taught like freecodecamp only in that you can go as fast or as slow as you want but it is curated so you never get lost and the stuff is never too hard... i think you will find it will set a good pace and motivation for you! Meanwhile another good place to start is Khan Academy programming but i suggest you start with the html instead of the javascript.. both are free but of course these are just suggestions but these are challenging but easy enough to keep me motivated...


Hi Taller,
FreeCodeCamp is where i first started, then i got to the projects and was in way over my head! I still have two projects to go and this is 6 months later and going over the whole program twice, let me give you a much easier way to go that i have found bent.io it takes you from very beginner to self taught developer through all free classes on a path that is logical... and after you get going along that path, you will be able to do the projects on freecodecamp... i think the problem with freecodecamp is that we see the code but not in the big context or how we can change it ourselves... so it doesn't stay with us as well as say codecademy but but codecademy but check out bent.io that is how i am progressing and i love it and it will also teach us about Git and Github! LOL.


Hey Christine. Same here i am on the path to change my career; one reason is, it makes me really think and makes me keep learning; based on my experience, if the learning process stops stagnation can play a great part, and in software development stagnation is impossible and the fact that you can apply solution through code to gain instant feedback adds to the excitement. I know a very tiny basics of github and thats pretty much a great way to share and collaborate your codes with others, a great record keeping of tour coding progress and a backup so that if 3 versions down the line, if you mess up the logics or your code, you can go back and start on the last known part of your code. You can, for example, copy a piece of the project currently in progress, change/enhance it, and submit it back (aka commit). There are tons of videos that myself wanna go over it. I am Currently working on JavaScript and have learnt about Ruby and Rails.


Hi, I just landed here wandering technical articles in internet. I am willing to learn and improve my skills.
At the same time, help people around the globe as much as possible through my articles.
Stay safe.
Take care.


I published my first blog post here after I read you get much more traffic here than medium.
I like that people respond and share their experiences 😍
The posts here are very versatile and encourage sharing, I like that!


Congrats! I'm new here and I hope to write my first post here as well very soon.


Welcome to DEV and congrats on your first post!

1st place in Mariokart


Hi everyone! I'm currently undertaking a coding bootcamp and looking to get a job as a web developer later this year. Dev.to seems like a great community to meet likeminded individuals and learn from one another. I'm excited to join :)


Hello Everyone..!

I am recently join this community to learn more about tech field and share our experience each other.
I hope this community make a positive change in society.
This is first to interact with Dev family...!


Hello, I'm brazzilian who is learning frontend web development, increasing my english skills and who wants to make some posts in english about many things who envolve my technologies studies and some other things.


Hello everyone, my name is Eihab I'm a beginner at Front End Development. Done some iOS development for the past couple of years.
I just started learning JavaScript and immediately fell in love with it.
I'm really excited to be in a place surrounded by fellow geeks like me :)


yessss... js i know how that feels....after i learnt js i had the feeling of finally askin out my high school senior crush(which apparently i did not.


Hi Everyone !! I am core frontender at heart but also love to explore and work on backend tools and technologies !! I am looking forward to contribute , share and gain knowledge from this amazing forum :-)

I love playing online games and exploring open source project!!


Welcome to dev.to! Nice to have you here!


Hi Devs, glad to be here. I'm relatively new to languages and currently in the learning stages of C# and Java. I will be attending WGU on 6/1 online. I'm interested in meeting people who might be ahead of me or is a full time developer of apps or back-end development. I'm pivoting from non-coding project management. I'm interested in Space and Science as a hobby and ironicly camping and fishing which I'm not good at. All the best.


Hello! This year I was selected on GSoC and I'm willing to write some blogposts here about my projectt development and experience overall. This is my first blogposting experience and who knows! Maybe I'll write even more on the future!


Hi everyone. I'm Rotimi, based in South Africa. Professionally, I write algorithms, compression engines and such.

My latest creation is QuickPublisher, now via ProductHunt at producthunt.com/posts/quickpublish... . A simple blogging platform which helps you monetize your blog without using ads.

Generally, I'm just excited to be part of the community and looking forward to learning new things too :)


ello there mates! I am good in coding logic but great at understanding various tech concepts. writing was sticking on to me back in school days but back then never knew i would get so curious in writing. So decided to start writing technical content. very much looking forward to great discussions and interactions.
But the fun fact is whenever anyone asked me what is ur ambition..i dint have any.. so to avoid em i used to tell "software engineer" for a long time. really dint expect i would end up becoming one!so... cheers to me achieving my fake ambition!...and take care..stay safe


I'm a (poorly) reformed college professor currently working in the intersection of philanthropy and machine learning. I've worked in healthcare research, forensic data recovery, machine vision, infosec, and media analysis. A common thread through much of this has been making existing code bases maintainable and supportable as products. I've been known to harbor strong opinions, but am more than happy to change my mind.


Just dropping in to say hi πŸ‘‹

I've just gotten into iOS development with Swift after learning Python for a while. Learned the syntax and basics, but I know there's still much more out there for me to explore.

Stay safe!


Hi everyone!

After a very long time, I finally caved in and made a dev.to account so I could post my rants and ramblings for fun! I've been a TypeScript developer for just over a year now and have started branching out from just the Node ecosystem. I've been enjoying C# for the past few years too and I'm really excited for .NET 5, and I've been teaching myself Go and Rust, along with a couple other languages, to expand my skillset.

I hope to have a great time here and if you all ever pop by to one of my posts I hope you enjoy!


Hi! I was in a really bad place some weeks ago, I had no idea what to do with my life and that was when I discovered my love for coding! I've been learning for a couple of weeks now and I'm totally loving it!!!
I hope that the deeper I go in learning, the stronger my love for coding will become!!!
I'm ecstatic to be a member of this community!


Welcome! Coding will change your life I promise you that.


Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "pos".

Could you explain the meaning of "pos"?


Hello everyone!

Joining dev.to after 10 years of software development should be a punishable offence. But nonetheless, I am here now, and I'm here to stay. The goal is to learn a lot from all you wonderful people out there! Anything Javascript and I'm all ears. Hoping to gave a great time!

That's where you'll know more about me!


Hi, I'm Alejandra, im from Colombia , I have been working as a bi programmer with qlikview for a while (like 4 years ) , however I am interested in learning more about frontend development because i wanna work in this area :) , since January of this year I have been studying on my own everything related to web development


Hi my name is Pouya. I am in progress through Flatiron coding bootcamp. Currently working on JavaScript, and has learned RoR previously. And about to lesrn React/Redux. I like to connect, learn about new ideas, collaborate on crazy projects, a great learning experience learning about all of you, talking about tech, and challenges that humanity facing today and how software/hardware can really help solve.


Hello, Manaswini here. Came here after reading some tech articles on the internet. I'm learning web development now and I'm on Day 35 of the 100 days of code challenge on Twitter. Looking forward to learning more from the community!


welcome Manaswini!
I am also learning web development and i am on day 6 of 100 officially but i have been going at it 6 hours a day for at least a month now... this is a great community... i just want to give you a hearty welcome!


Hi, I'm at the very beginning of, what I hope to be, a long adventure into the world of development. felt its a great platform to share our experiences and success to help others. I'm very excited to join.


Good day! Embarking on my coding journey to become a web developer and build some cool stuff. Currently working tirelessly on my Colt Steele Web Developer Bootcamp and trying to eat, breathe and sleep coding. Loving the process and working to master the art of solving coding challenges. So excited to be a part of this community and would be happy to chat w others on the same rookie path.


Hello everyone! I'm a junior in C# development (just finished courses but continuing learning journey). COVID made corrections to my plans and I have a delay in my career path as a Software Developer (back-end). I have huge experience in Project Management and Digital Marketing (still working in these spheres), but after my 30th birthday decided to change something in my life. I hope that this community will help me to make these changes came true. sorry for mistakes, I'm not a native speaker. My current location is Russia


hi everyone !
I am in love with Python, Data Science, Deep Learning and AI. I'm mostly active on HackerRank platform (jinnosux), solving C and Python problem sets.
I like to test security of websites, applications and systems.
I hope I'll learn more stuff and be part of this community.


Hello! I am a python coder with a thirst to learn more languages. I have about half a year's experience with python and just started taking on Javascript. Take Care!!
P.S. I started coding in the middle of the quarantine!!


Hi, I'm Juan! I've been developing for more than 10 years now, I'm always learning and trying out new things. Recently I started writing posts about AI and programming, I hope I can share some of those with you here.
I feel like I'm married to JS, but having an affair with Python, all while now starting to look with love at Go.