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Who is hiring? (As of June 2019)

This is our monthly thread where community members share openings at their companies.

Here a few ground rules:

  • Please only post if you are personally part of the hiring company (no recruiting firms)
  • Please provide brief background on what your company does
  • Only one post per company (you can list multiple openings in the post)

Consider using this template:

Company Name | Job Title | Location | Remote or Onsite | (optional) Salary Range | Sponsor visa?

About the company — background, size, etc (1-3 sentences)

About the role(s) — languages, requirements, etc (1-3 sentences)

Do you sponsor visas?

How to Apply — email or application link

We also wanted to share some quick careers-related notes from our fantastic Sustaining Sponsors.

Digital Ocean

At DigitalOcean, we're simplifying cloud infrastructure for developers. Here you'll get to work with some of the smartest and most interesting people around; solving unique and complex technical challenges on a scale matched by few companies. If you get excited about stretching yourself in new ways, developing yourself to your fullest potential, with amazingly supportive friends and colleagues; we want to talk to you!


GoCD is a free and open source CI/CD tool by ThoughtWorks. You can model your complex workflows, deploy to popular cloud environments such as Kubernetes, and visualize your end-to-end workflows — download and use for free. While we don't have any open positions, there are many ways to contribute to the community.


CodeStream is a Y-Combinator-backed, New York based company that helps dev teams discuss, review, and understand code. Most of our employees work remotely from their location of choice. We have a number of open positions, ranging from Python and Java engineers, to growth hackers, and enterprise sales reps. A full list of openings is available on our Careers page.

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gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

Company: Lightspeed

Company site:

Position(s): Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Information Security Specialist, Salesforce Developer, Technical Writer

Location: Montreal, Ghent, Amsterdam, Toronto


Lightspeed is a point of sale SaaS provider. We have products for retail, restaurant, eCommerce, payments, loyalty and recently golf. We use a fair amount of different tech depending on the team you’re on. We have technical debt, but we actively work to combat it. We have developer openings in Montreal, Amsterdam, and Ghent at the moment, but we’re often open to the right candidate even if there isn’t a posting that exactly fits you. We’ve got plenty of challenges and ambitious goals. Our dev managers are former developers, and we do our best to make sure the techincal aspects of the product are prioritized as well as the business aspects.

Some of our stack: MySQL, PHP, Java, Go, Python (primarily for test automation), React, Node, GraphQL, REST.

We’re on AWS and GCP (migrating to GCP). We use lots of fancy cloud technology: k8s, terraform, helm, docker, etc.

Check out our current openings here: and feel free to apply online, or reach out to me directly.

This is my second time working at LS, I left and then came back, and it’s overall a pretty great place to work.

Contact: Feel free to PM me if you have questions

fosteman profile image
Timothy Fosteman

Hey Gabriel, followed to PM you. I am yet junior, but have done a good deal of self-studies.
Is the hiring politics intern-friendly?

gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

Hi Timofei, we do hire interns, yes. Currently the only openings we have for interns are in Ghent though! I see that you're in Toronto, I'll ask and see if there are any plans for hiring an intern there.

creativejoe007 profile image
Joseph Martin • Edited

I am very interested in this. Can I PM you?
And also are you open to a remote staff as I am currently leaving in Africa

gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

Hi Joseph, we don't have any remote positions open at the moment.

reinoute profile image
Reinout • Edited

Luka | Senior JavaScript developer (NestJS) | Latin America | Remote (sometimes on site)

Luka allows users to pay for invoices and more using your favorite chat platform (Messenger, WhatsApp, etc) in Latin America. We're a team of 3 developers based in Latam, with a total of 7 in our company. We're a young startup with a learning culture and no legacy.

About you

  • You have a least 2 years experience building apps in NodeJS using Express (or a related framework)
  • You have experience building reliable and fast integrations with other systems
  • You live in Latin America (or you're willing to move there for some time)
  • You believe that the best software is not made by individuals but in teams
  • You care as much about writing clean and readable code as the final user experience
  • You built, maintained and optimized high traffic applications with critial (e.g. financial) data
  • You can take technical responsibility of a project from requirements/architecture definition to delivery to end user
  • You like to share knowledge with team members in order to bring code quality to a higher level

What we offer

  • Working with modern technologies on a fresh codebase: NestJs, TypeScript, TypeORM, React (hooks), Google Cloud: App Engine, CloudSQL and Stackdriver.
  • An environment where you can learn each day and share your knowledge with the rest of the team
  • Remote work opportunity with flexible hours
  • A small international team with people from Latin America and Europe
  • A product that can change the way people pay for things in Latin America
  • A good salary with opportunity for growth
  • A structured development process with weekly planning sessions and demo's
  • Focus on quality using code reviews, automated testing (using Jest) and automated deployments (Bitbucket Pipelines + Google Cloud)
  • Opportunity to take on tasks and responsibilities other than software development

Interested? Send an email to with your motivation and CV

yechielk profile image
Yechiel Kalmenson

Pivotal | Software Engineer | NYC/SF/Palo-Alto/Toronto/Denver/Other | Onsite

  • Do you enjoy Pair Programming?

  • Do you practice TDD regularly?

  • Do you believe Diversity and Inclusion should not be checkboxes on a desk somewhere in Legal, rather an integral part of a company's culture?

If you answered yes to those questions then you will probably feel right at home at Pivotal!

How to Apply

You can apply through the job postings below:

Palo Alto

San Fransisco

Santa Monica

New York City



Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

creativejoe007 profile image
Joseph Martin

Is it open to people in Africa? I can work remotely

yechielk profile image
Yechiel Kalmenson

Unfortunately, there are no remote positions 😞

Thread Thread
creativejoe007 profile image
Joseph Martin

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 So no chance for me

bengreenberg profile image
Ben Greenberg

Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform | Remote (unless otherwise listed) | Various Developer Relations Roles:

  • Developer Advocate, Extend Program
  • Developer Advocate, Israel (not remote)
  • Community Manager, Online & Developer Platforms
  • Developer Relations Manager
  • JavaScript Developer Advocate (Remote, San Francisco area)
  • Senior .NET Developer Advocate (Remote, San Francisco area)
  • Developer Advocate, OpenTok (Remote, San Francisco area)

About the company — background, size, etc (1-3 sentences)

Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform is a business unit of Vonage that develops and markets communication APIs to enable developers and businesses to rapidly innovate the way they communicate with their customers. We tear down the barriers to entry so that any developer can reach a global audience from day 1 and enable businesses to create customer experiences so they can delight their customers.

The Developer Relations team is a remote-first, globally distributed team of people who advocate for the developer community inside Nexmo and who make it simpler and easier for developers to get building with the suite of Nexmo APIs.

How to Apply — email or application link

You can find the job listings and apply at:

mariakravtsova profile image
Maria Kravtsova

Company: Give Lively


At Give Lively, we build better fundraising tech for nonprofits and give it away for free.

As a Senior Engineer, you'll develop and iterate on products that drastically improve the online giving experience for donors and help nonprofits raise more for their cause. You'll be a core member of our engineering team, helping to evolve our product suite, collaborating on architectural decisions, assisting other engineers, and moving us forward on our journey towards a more philanthropic world.

What We Value in a Senior Engineer:

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or significant practical expertise in both client-side and server-side programming
  • 5+ years experience in building and deploying web-based products
  • Significant experience in software architecture and patterns/abstractions for efficient and sustainable code delivery
  • Experience and interest in scaling systems for growth (we're in a growth stage)
  • Experience with and a proponent of agile methodologies and pair programming
  • Experience working with Product Managers to deliver products in a truly agile environment
  • A passion towards a philanthropic mission
  • A conviction and commitment to improve your own skills and the skills of the team
  • A passion for building the best products for users

What We Use To Do Our Work:

  • Ruby on Rails powers our services
  • ReactJS powers our frontend user experiences
  • Bootstrap 4 powers those experiences so they look and work great across devices
  • CloudFront, Heroku, Postgres, Git, and MacBook Pro's to help us get product delivered to the public in a timely and efficient manner

What Will You Get:

  • Competitive salary: we are funded for the long-haul and compensate accordingly
  • Excellent Medical/Dental/Vision benefits-- you don’t pay a monthly premium nor deductible, we cover it 100%
  • 401k benefits including a 75% match of all your contributions, vested Day 1.
  • Bonus potential
  • PTO/Paid Sick Days/Paid Holidays
  • Work/life balance, focused on a sustainable workload
  • An experience you’ll love and the knowledge you're doing better for yourself and the world
  • The chance to make an impact with a highly motivated, talented, and fast-growing team

What You Will Not Experience:

We are not a large corporation with a history of legacy and bureaucracy, nor a startup wondering whether it will exist beyond the next six months. We are a fully funded organization with competitive salary, medical/dental benefits, PTO, paid holidays, and more. We have a solid development process and a talented team. We do not seek profit, so you won't compromise your values to do work that means something.

Give Lively is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

grazhevskaja profile image
Alexandra Grazhevskaja • Edited

Will you update this thread for August?
It would be great.😊