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Don't just write codes, solve problems.

You’ve gotten stuck so many times while coding. We all have. Some hard, nasty problem. Many conditions. Maybe this can be broken down into smaller problems. Maybe some dynamic programming could help. There must be some famous algorithm behind this.

We’re programmers, so writing code is what we do, is it not ? As the title suggests, our job is a bit more complicated than stroking keys on a keyboard in front of a screen all day. If you go beyond programming languages, and frameworks and processes, beyond test suites and sprints and Jira tickets, you will always find a problem that needs to be solved. Let me say that we, as programmers, are, first and foremost, problem solvers. We take a problem that someone else has and, using all the tools at our disposal, produce a solution.

Programmers seem to have forgotten the real purpose of software, that is to solve a real-world problem. If developers become too narrowly focused on development, they can miss the purpose behind the software or program they write. They may not see hidden solutions that don’t require any code.

The best in their field are the ones who appreciate that there is always more to learn. Here are six steps to becoming a better programmer this year.

Coding is an evolving discipline.

Write code three times.
Writing code has been compared to writing a novel and,just like in novel writing, you should never tout your first draft as your finished product.

  1. Practice a lot. (Get addicted)

  2. Always try to get a solution which is most efficient for the problem Never compromise on complexity.

  3. Start a day coding an easy problem. This will make you feel better.

  4. Once you have given up. Understand the problem how much ever difficult it is.

  5. Don't underestimate yourself.

  6. Before you code, it would be better if you write down the algorithm and check if it is working for all test cases. It would be much much better if you could prove your algorithm.

Solve logical puzzle,Write your own programmes, Develop projects for yourself in that language.
Practice and practice coding whenever you get time.

Stay more with good programmers, your teachers, mentors and gain or suck knowledge from them.


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darltrash profile image
Neil Wolfkid

Code, after all, is nothing but a tool that is ultimately useless if it doesn't fixes any problem.

iakashpatel profile image
Akash Patel

thank you bobe