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Thu Htet Tun
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1 thing that got me software developer job

Hello dev!

There is one important thing that got me first software developer job.

I'm not going to explain with long letters. But will tell you the key point. It is not hard work or dedication or any others.

For me, it was that I coded programs for free.

I learned first. I applied it with small projects.
Then, I asked for real-world projects from my friends' family businesses and others sources.

Actually, I did not get paid from it.
I did not ask for it also.
But I got a lot of experience from building that projects.
Also, I'm more confident to apply software developer job application.

The key point to get a job for me is doing real-world projects with FREE.

In this way, I got client networks, developer networks, experiences, and jobs.

I hope this will help you to see my way to get a job.

Pls Share us How you get your first job in this comment section.

Thanks for your time.

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