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Can You Code on iPad Pro?

timo_ernst profile image Timo Ernst Updated on ・1 min read

In this video I’m looking at various IDE apps for iPad OS and test if you can actually code on an iPad Pro with mouse and keyboard. For the future I am thinking about creating an in-depth video about PlayJS IDE app for iPadOS – it’s pretty cool. Would you be interested to watch it? Lemmi know :-)



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You can also install code-server (which is a web based version of vscode) on an external server and use it on your ipad browser. I know that not what the video is for. But this solution is useful if you use an ipad or tablet as your travel laptop.

Github: github.com/cdr/code-server


How can you run the server without node?


You mean code-server? you need to run it on a separate device or server (digitalocean for example). Alternatively, you can install it on a rasspbery pi and connect it to the same network as your ipad then you can access it locally.

I don't know if there is a way to get code-server it's self running on an ipad.

On Android, chromebook, any other platform, you can run the server on the same device. Allowing you to fully leverage the local file system


Hey thanks for the link. Question: Will this still work when offline? For example on a plane.


I dont think so, its web based and relays on the server to do all the tasks.
If you find a way to run the code-server its self on the ipad, then yes. But I dont think you can -(Please check)
code-server is built using node.js