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Flask[Part 2]: Setting up Database


This article is a continuation of our Previous Post where we tackled setting up working directory, working environment , installing flask and run a flask app.
In this article we will focus on creating models , migrations and testing database


  • python 3+ installed
  • Flask Installed; A working flask app
  • PostgreSQL optional; work with DBMS of your choice

Before you start, create a file in project folder and install ,import the following packages:

  • flask-login
  • flask-sqlalchemy
  • flask-migrate
  • itsdangerous Alt Text On the database configuration, it is advisable to hide the db details using environment variables.

Now Go ahead the model
Alt Text

After creating our model and ensuring that the DBMS of your choice is working, carry out a migration:

(env) tito@tito-HP-2000-Notebook-PC:~/Desktop/Milestone/Mile_Proj$ flask db init
(env) tito@tito-HP-2000-Notebook-PC:~/Desktop/Milestone/Mile_Proj$ flask db migrate
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The migrations will automatically create tables in your Database.
Thank you for following .
The next article , I will handle forms for collecting data.
------------------------------------ NEXT ARTICLE------------------------------------

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