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GitHub Profile View Counter

This hosted workflow allows you to track Github profile views and display them in your profile readme, for free.

This project was inspired Artem Golubin's post How to track and display profile views on GitHub.

As part of recent design changes, GitHub has introduced READMEs for profiles. By creating a repo with your name and adding file with markdown to it, you can now add a rich description of yourself.


  1. Copy this workflow to your Pipedream account
  2. Create a file for your GitHub profile (see instructions)
  3. Add the counter image to your Github Readme (use your Pipedream endpoint URL)

Your profile views will be counted and displayed:





Click here to to copy and deploy to your Pipedream account.

Top comments (6)

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

Pipedream looks like it has so many cool and unique uses! Thanks for sharing @tod .

Where is the count data stored? Could you conceivably store the data somewhere else?

I put a counter on my GitHub profile because I was kinda curious about what kind of traffic I would see, but I don't really care to advertise it and make anyone feel bad that they don't have many views, or make it a flexing match of who has more.

tod profile image
Tod Sacerdoti

You can store the data anywhere - from Google Sheets / Airtable to S3 / Snowflake. That’s the power of an integration platform.

kvanrooyen profile image
Keagan Van Rooyen

I'm in the same boat as you, I would like to see the numbers but I don't want to have it displayed for everyone to see.

tod profile image
Tod Sacerdoti

On Pipedream, you can save and read state in two ways:

  • On a workflow-level, using $checkpoint
  • On a step-level, using this.$checkpoint

See docs for “workflow state” -

jood80 profile image

this is sweet, thanks for sharing!

adityathakekar profile image
Aditya Thakekar

Works so smooth. Thanks for this.