New Job, New Challenges

tomowatt profile image Tom Watt ・2 min read

So during this chaotic year I managed motivate myself and seek new pastures. As much as I liked working at my previous employer, I wanted to grow and learn.

I managed to go from a Junior DevOps title to DevOps Engineer. I was mainly focused on working on the infrastructure and maintaining pipelines to now being brought in to do a whole lot more.

It's been 3 weeks since I started my new role and it has been tough. So much going on and so much to learn from the code, culture to working practises. Reflecting back, at my previous employment, I learnt so much from AWS, containers, CI/CD, etc., but mainly the way a team works and grows to deal with new challenges.

The biggest change I noticed was the culture. From a small business where I knew everyone and had a working relationship with them all, being able to chat and grow as a team. To a bigger business - which is currently rearranging its structure - and there is multiple historic cultures, different practises and noticeably, a lack of chat.

And now, with a bit of insight and pushing from my new manager, I'm starting to see the true nature of the DevOps role. I've got a lot to learn still but I'm starting to see what I'll need to do to fulfil my role.

Previously, I focused on automation, infrastructure and keeping the Developers 'happy' - either by simplifying things or taking away some of the burdens.

Now I'm challenged with setting new practises, standards and creating a new productive culture. I know it's going to be long and uphill struggle at times but I'm looking forward to putting good and sustainable standards in place and building a more connected team.

There will always be new technologies but I see building a strong culture of knowledge sharing, standards and shared responsibility as the biggest driver of software development.


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