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Day 1: Began FreeCodeCamp curriculum

Day One

I have had an issue lately that I have been struggling to overcome. Some call it imposter syndrome, the feeling of not being ready when you are more than ready to take the next step as a web developer.

Except for me, I realized that the reason I felt imposter syndrome, was because I AM an imposter in my eyes. I finished Coding Bootcamp a couple of months ago and while I believe I have the tools and knowledge to leverage those skills into a job, I can personally tell when I haven't truly internalized something. That feeling comes from when I look at the projects I have made and don't feel any real sense of accomplishment from them.

I am by no means discounting the work that I have previously done, but I know my potential better than anyone else, and I know when I am not fully walking into what my true potential is. I have read tons of articles that motivate me to fix my resume or make large projects and reach out to people. While those things have helped me land a few interviews, I have found that I lack some of the basic understanding skills that are necessary to become an Effective web developer.

After taking a hard step back and realizing that at the end of the day, I had to decide if I wanted to continue feeling like a poser, or if I wanted to become an effective developer who isn't just looking for the name or the perks that come with it, but to become an actual asset and earn the title.

I came to the answer of Yes, I DO want this

So, what was I going to do now? I have the Bootcamp experience under my wing, but at the end of the day, being able to display my true skillset and knowledge is what will land me at the job of my dreams, and oh, are my dreams big. I decided to take what I am calling the "baby lifecycle method". The reason I am calling my approach the "baby lifecycle method" is pretty straightforward. I keep trying to get into the prestigious private Universities when I haven't even adequately learned to walk yet, let alone talk or explain the intricacies of scope and closures.

So, this leads me to the point of my first post. Today I began studying the freeCodeCamp curriculum. After reading some very positive reviews from new engineers and job recruiters alike, I have made the decision to let go of my pride of not knowing and my impatience to find a career to truly allow myself the time and dedication it takes to truly learn something I am passionate about. I am currently working on the first certification on Responsive Web Design, which I have some experience with, but I could always improve. I am even completing the menial tasks that I already know, to reinforce my knowledge.

I have also decided to begin reading Eloquent Javascript in addition to studying this work to further develop my understanding of Javascript and it's deeper intricacies.

Overall, I am going to make a post everyday from now on that speaks about what I have learned and how the journey to landing my first web developer position is going. Feel free to join me for the ride and offer any wisdom you might have!

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Abel Lifaefi Mbula

Thank you for your post.

Good motivation, keep doing it.

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Torrey Thomas

Thank you! I appreciate the support a lot.