Day 8: React Native

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Today I took a break from my freeCodeCamp Javascript practice to revisit a course I took on creating React Native applications.

About three months ago when I was still struggling to understand React, I mistakenly purchased a react native course on Udemy. Ironically, this course was the first course I took that helped me understand regular React, which was a bit backwards, but it worked. I recently received a job inquiry regarding becoming a React-Native developer, which is something I never really thought about but actually have the skills for thanks to that mistake.

I like using React Native, I think that it's an amazing tool that developers can use to create deployable app-store apps using the beloved React framework, which has easily become my go-to front-end language and preference. For the next few days I will continue working on a shopping list application that I began today and will hopefully have it deployed by early next week.

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