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Tuomo KankaanpƤƤ
Tuomo KankaanpƤƤ

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Why I like Software Engineering šŸ§”

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I have been working as a software engineer over eight years now. This week I stopped to think about all the good things and benefits there is in being a software engineer.

Few of the best things in my opinion are the flexibility and creativity of the work as well as job security. I made a video explaining my thoughts on these in more detail, so if you want to hear more you can find the video on my Youtube channel.

I read a bunch of blog posts this week. Here is couple of them that I found interesting and useful:

JavaScript vs JavaScript. Fight! (part 1)

JavaScript vs JavaScript. Fight! (part 2)

The Complete JavaScript Promise Guide

Top 10 Future Technologies Youā€™ve Definitely Never Heard Of

Last week I told you I was thinking of getting a Kindle. Well this week I finally decided to get it and so far I have really loved it.

I actually read one book in the first day of getting the Kindle. Ok to be honest the book was only 100 pages but still, that is 99 pages more that I read in the past month!

I'm interested to see if I can build up and keep my reading habit more easily by using Kindle.

That's it for this week!


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Laurent Dumas • Edited

Well, i'm not an engineer per se, but what in our jobs, is that we can always learn new things, and learning from other people. That way, we can all level-up each other, that's so motivating!

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Tuomo KankaanpƤƤ

Thatā€™s true, good point!

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