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Tushar Kandpal
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Starting as a Developer...🚀

Hey guys👋🏻

  • I'm Tushar👨‍💻, from India.
  • I've recently completed my graduation in Electrical Engineering and a few months old in front-end field.
  • My hobby is singing but I was always curious about tech and coding stuff so pandemic gave me that opportunity to explore that side of me.
  • Currently, I'm searching for a job and hope to get one soon.✌️

Path I followed 🗺️

  • At the start, I just went ahead with this YouTube playlist. He is a genius guy.
  • For JavaScript, I'm currently using freeCodeCamp platform which everybody knows is amazing.
  • During the course of my learning, I made a few projects and uploaded them in Github account via Git. My portfolio link is here.
  • Just a week ago, I started contributing to an open-source project which is beginner-friendly and learning a lot from mentors and other experienced devs. They all are from around the globe and fantastic in their own ways.😎
  • For the future, I planned to go with ReactJS next. What's your take on this?

Well, this is my Intro, you can tell me about yourself below.😀
say, How coding and you met for the first time?

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grneyedkygirl profile image

My interest in learning about coding started when I was in high school. Fast forward to now and I am just now learning 😌

tushar_kandpal profile image
Tushar Kandpal

Good to know and yes it's a never ending journey...😀

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

You have some really cool animations on your portfolio.

Amazing to hear that you have started contributing to open source.

tushar_kandpal profile image
Tushar Kandpal

Thank you very much! 😀