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Launching my Patreon Page

Hi friends. As the title suggests, this is a blog post announcing the launch of my patreon page:

Here is the introductory video from me regarding the same:

*Excuse me, since I repeatedly used the word Patreon many times instead of Patron in the video 😂

While I truly believe that knowledge should be free for all, I also do believe that it should be sustainable over a long period of time for the creators to keep making amazing content for the community.

This is where a platform like Patreon or Open Collective can really help as creators like me spend the valuable time creating quality content for all of the community.

You might have seen some posts from me in or Medium and some live streams from my Youtube channel as well.

While I would love to create content for all, I would also like to have more motivation and incentive to do so over a long term and as you might already agree, money can be a pretty good motivator 😉..

Just kidding, but its true.

For all those who cannot afford, all the content will always be available free for everyone, but the patreon members will get access to the content 2 months in advance along with a host of other benefits as outlined in our tiers.

I don't want to monetize with ADs or paywalls at this point since that might hinder your experience as a user and hence am sticking to Patreon.

I will maintain a consistent schedule to release content. The frequency of the content I release will depend on the number of Patreon members I get. The more the members, the higher the frequency.

You can expect the first video to be released on the first week of February 2021 or as soon as I get 50 patrons, whichever comes first 😉

While I do all of this, I also plan to take up part-time/freelance consultancy/advisory roles as mentioned in the video though it has limited availability since I spend most of my time working on my startup, Timecampus.

If you have any expectations on the content, do let me know (even if you don't want to opt in for Patreon). I would like to align with your interests and deliver what is of more value to you in the best way possible more than anything else.

If you have any suggestions or would just like to have a quick chat with me, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Looking forward to creating awesome content for you.

And if you want to reach out, this is where you can find me:


Vignesh T.V.

PS: I am not sure if has tags for these kinds of posts. So, rather tagging it with the kind of content I will be releasing in my page.

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