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Ankur Tyagi
Ankur Tyagi

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If I were to restart JavaScript again from scratch then I will follow this roadmap.

Every time I work in a new JavaScript framework I learn a bit more about JavaScript Fundamentals.

Every time I work in a new JavaScript framework I learn a bit more about JavaScript Fundamentals.

If I were to restart Javascript again from scratch then I will follow this roadmap.

A Thread...

— Ankur💻🎧💪 (@TheAnkurTyagi) October 6, 2021

If I were to restart Javascript again from scratch then I will follow this roadmap.

It is worth noting that as a beginner in the subject, much of the learner’s interest lies in the hands of the tutor.

An inefficient tutor can pretty quickly lead to the learner losing interest in the subject.

This can have implications for your career growth.

JavaScript basic steps:

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Declaring JavaScript Variables: var, let, and const
  • Basic math in JavaScript — Numbers and operators
  • JavaScript syntax
  • ES6 let VS const variables
  • Arrays, Data Types, Strings
  • Conditionals & Looping code
  • Object basics
  • this
  • Objects and Classes
  • Functions & Scope
  • Functions — Reusable blocks of code
  • Function return values
  • Arrow Functions
  • Reference vs. Copy
  • Inheritance in JavaScript
  • Working with JSON data
  • JavaScript Dates
  • JavaScript Timers
  • DOM & Events
  • Asynchronous JavaScript From Callbacks to Promises, to Async/Await.
  • JavaScript Event Loop
  • UI Events
  • Forms, controls
  • Document and resource loading

Advanced Topics:

  • Functional Programming in JS
  • Advanced Working With Functions
  • Closures
  • Regular Expressions
  • Unicode in JS
  • Object prototypes
  • Storing data in the browser
  • ES6 Modules
  • Object building practice

What many JavaScript students make mistake is that they keep on reading JavaScript tutorials one by one, and do not implement any of them.

Time to build more projects:

A Simple and Effective Way to Learn and Practice JavaScript:

JavaScript runs over the web today, no doubt & for every front-end developer, no matter if already experienced or at the start of your career.

Frameworks come and go, but JavaScript will stay Forever.

Projects You Can Build With Vanilla JavaScript.

If you are going for your next interview then I encourage you to check my blog where I shared

12 Common JavaScript Questions I Used to Ask in Interviews:

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In the end,

I would say the better you understand why and how JavaScript works and doesn’t work.

The more solid your code will be...
The more you’ll be able to effectively harness the true power of the language...

Happy coding.

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sakko profile image

I love how you arranged everything.
People have different ways to learn.
It's all about learning and not stoping.

Happy coding

tyaga001 profile image
Ankur Tyagi

Thank you

damiisdandy profile image
damilola jerugba

😂😂😂😂 this comment section is filled with people that have no idea what abstraction is.

I get it’s painful to see that you spent thousands of dollars on a degree and people only watching a $10 course and reads some dev articles is considered on the same playing fields as you… but commooonn a degree is just a sheet of paper to try and prove that you have knowledge on something, it doesn’t automatically mean you truly have knowledge on that subject 🙂.

Self taught or not, even you with a degree most of your knowledge is gotten from you reading personally.

So please stop the gate keeping and reduce the toxicity. ✨🌈

johnnymccodes profile image

abstraction is when you just use typescript, right?

damiisdandy profile image
damilola jerugba

Hehehe, just went to your profile you really love typescript, and nah abstraction isn’t just typescript

damiisdandy profile image
damilola jerugba

My roadmap to JavaScript was so weird, I knew Python then a learnt ReactJS 🤡, as time went by I became well versed in JavaScript and now have a job writing it.

vijayst profile image
Vijay Thirugnanam

JavaScript is really difficult to learn because there is so much to learn. All of that is not required to build a web app. As an integrator who puts together a web app using various libraries and frameworks, I don't see a need to learn all the nuances. Yes, I flunk interviews. But I have developed and am maintaining a robust source code that other developers can understand, if needed. So, learn JavaScript the way you want to. There is no recommended path that I can think of.

optimbro profile image

Dil jeet liya sir aapne...

Thread Thread
paulcanning profile image
Paul Canning

Pete got wrecked

peter_brown_cc2f497ac1175 profile image
Peter Brown

We show 95% of our career worth in those 5% of situations. These situations generally involve a deep knowledge of interpreteors compilers garbage collection or some other advanced topic. Those without the required training are not equipped to face these technical challenges. Just because one has a degree does not mean one is qualified, but not having the degree is an immediate disqualification. This is true for all high level professions. Lawyers, doctors, architects, dentists, accountants and the list goes on and on.
I come with facts and you attempt to recant my words with cliche, disrespectful addresses and other such constructs.

z2lai profile image

I think you got too many "fundamentals" in your list. The fundamental concepts that need "understanding" in order to develop anything should be pass-by-reference vs pass-by-value, lexical scope, execution context (hoisting and this), and asynchronous JS/event loop. The rest of your list is just learning syntax or working with specific APIs which you can learn about when you need to use it.

glowkeeper profile image
Steve Huckle

clickbait article

lluismf profile image
Lluís Josep Martínez

As many others.

peter_brown_cc2f497ac1175 profile image
Peter Brown • Edited

You will see as you advance in your career that not having a degree will limit you. Most industries that do not require degrees are very easy to offshore to some 3rd world country. With advances in global telecom it is very possible that most of these industries will be very quickly be offshored as it is more cost effective. In a very few number of years the only good paying computer jobs will be those in the realm of embedded systems and safety critical systems. These most certainly require advanced degrees. I do wish you the best of luck, but as someone so young in your career I am fearful that you will be on the other end of a layoff notice and not have the ability to get the remaining jobs due to your decision to not pursue higher education.. I do sincerely hope I'm wrong, but industry trends would dictate otherwise.

fbolaji profile image

To be honest this is the exact road map most programming languages will take you through.. as you get involve in more and complex javascript applications or projects, you will learn to apply different aspects of javascript you will need to resolve design and architectural flow of the project. In my opinion after learning and understand how javascript works and interact with html, css and etc. I will suggest that you learn modular, class and prototype patterns very well before diving into frameworks.

tarunfy profile image
Tarun Sharma

LMAO 🤣 this guy peter... 💀Man livin' 90's

ihtesham_haider profile image
Ihtesham Haider

Thanks 👍🏼😊

noorblch profile image
Noor Baloch

I love this article.

johnnymccodes profile image



egotr profile image

Why don't you mention TypeScript dude ?

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