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Ankur Tyagi
Ankur Tyagi

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The most valuable non-technical skills of 2022.

The work market is constantly changing.

Having specific career skills can make a difference in your success no matter what technology you're working in today.

Knowing which skills are in high demand might help you build a successful career path.

The most valuable non-technical skills of 2022.

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— Ankur💻🎧💪 (@TheAnkurTyagi) February 7, 2022

Here are the top skills to look for if you want to advance in your career.

1- Storytelling

The best creative people know how to tell a good story, gain internal buy-in, land a new customer, or propose a fresh idea.

Do you want to know if you have an excellent narrative to tell?

"Pay attention to how you display your work and inquire about the user stories you used to develop outstanding work experiences."

2- Organization

While many engineers are pretty organized, a certain level of chaos might be expected while working with creative people.

There is, however, a distinction to be made between a cluttered desk and an inability to respond to an email on time.

3- Problem Solving

When an employee can't solve difficulties on their own, you'll have to do it for them, which will take time, resources, & patience.

Remember that the most numerous possibilities & discoveries are often created by issues & people's capacity to tackle them creatively.

4- Mental flexibility

Flexibility is a mental skill that may be taught.

In today's fast-paced world, your professional efficiency is determined by your ability to adapt rapidly to times of need or opportunity, difficulty, & change.

Be adaptable but firm in your convictions.

5- Teamwork ability

A single individual rarely accomplishes great things.

  • None of us is as smart as all of us.
  • Each member is the team's strength.
  • The team is the strength of each individual.

6- Self-leadership

People who believe that a person becomes a leader when they have grey hair are placed in a position abuse the concept of leadership.

In a specific area of purpose, everyone possesses leadership skills.

Leadership is a concept that is based on trust.


To reiterate, technical skills are crucial—However, no technical expertise can ensure that a project runs smoothly efficiently.

Ensure a new team member has the soft skills needed to complement their technical strengths before bringing them on board.

That was it for this blog.

I hope you learned something new today.

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Top comments (5)

lokidev profile image

One missing: "Oversell yourself".

It's not meant ironic. Keep in mind that most people deciding about our jobs are from marketing/business background where (played?) extreme self-confidence is the default.

So when they studied or worked in different fields and someone presents themselves as a 5/10 they make it a 3-4, as they're used to overselling.
Most nerds and great programmers I know undersell themselves to keep expectations low but overarchive after that.

My advice: Oversell yourself but to keep your rightful inner self happy: Try to achieve what your promise.

dylanlacey profile image
Dylan Lacey

This is something I ran into quite fast when I started working for a US company as an Australian.

In my experience, people in the US are quite proud of the things they've achieved and will happily tell you about them... Whereas most Australians will down-play the importance of their achievements.

When the two cultures mix, the US folks can come off as arrogant to the Aussies, and the Aussies can come off as not-overly-skilled and kinda depressing to the US folks. It's not because either is wrong, it's just the cultural tendencies.

(I also heard a notable YouTuber talk about the difference between how people react to YouTube celebrity flexes/brand deals vs Hollywood celebrities flexes/brand deals, and how the groups are not treated equivalently by their fans).

I can't agree more with your thesis Ankur!

tyaga001 profile image
Ankur Tyagi

This is an interesting one.

gamerseo profile image

Great post. Many of these skills are essential in everyday work.

tyaga001 profile image
Ankur Tyagi

Thank you