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Tyler Warnock
Tyler Warnock

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Module Monday: Parallax scroll, Image gallery, Sidenav, & more

Mods are functional, ready-to-use web modules for any website, on any platform.

Open source: fork or copy + use anywhere

All of the mods below are open sourced by Anymod and free to use in any project you choose, whether on Anymod or not.

We support developers and open source, and Module Mondays are one way we give back to the developer community to help foster a more open, inclusive web. We hope you enjoy!

Parallax scroller

Customize with your own text and images.
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Responsive gallery

Click to zoom on images. Add the gallery anywhere.
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Contact form

Works automatically: material design with reCaptcha.
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Image uploader

Upload images to Cloudinary with ease.
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Stylish nav that slides out with a click.
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If you want to contribute mods or ideas so that other developers can benefit, you can request mods or submit a mod.

I'll be posting new modules here every Monday -- I hope you find them useful!

Happy coding ✌️

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Joel Lau

thanks for sharing this!