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Tyler Warnock
Tyler Warnock

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Parallax, Cityscapes, Discover text | Module Monday 35

Open-source web modules you can use anywhere

All the mods below are open source and free to use in any project you choose. Anymod lets you quickly add features to any website or web app.

Click a mod to see it in action along with its source code.

Parallax image section

Add an editable parallax image anywhere.
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Discover text

For a hidden message revealed by moving shapes.
View mod


Click & hover to see more in this cityscape by Jackie Zen
View mod

Graphic cards

Responsive cards for introducing your content
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Learn more button

A nice hover effect to increase engagement
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I post new modules here every (Module) Monday -- I hope you find them useful!

Happy coding ✌️

Top comments (2)

darksmile92 profile image
Robin Kretzschmar

Long time since I commented on one of your module monday's but I still read every single one of them and love your work! πŸ‘

The cityscape animation is sick πŸ’ͺ

tyrw profile image
Tyler Warnock

Thanks I really appreciate it! I'll try to keep them coming and hopefully start highlighting some other people more and more.

I can't take credit for the cityscape, it's by Jackie Zen!

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