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20 Free EBooks to Learn JavaScript In-Depth

As I have always said, your level of comprehension on any topic is intrinsically linked to the quality of learning resources you have consumed for that topic.

JavaScript is a programming language with a large pool of available resources– both for free and in paid form.

In this post, I will list 20 free ebooks for learning JavaScript in a deep way. A description of each book along with active links to download the books will also be included.


Modern JavaScript: A curated collection

Author: Contributor

In this free ebook, you’ll learn about the new concepts introduced in modern . It lists and tackles each concepts in a very simple and understandable way lots of code and tutorials.
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JavaScript notes for professionals

Author: StackOverflow Community

Comprises of very helpful notes on JavaScript written and compiled by a team from Stack Overflow

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Nodebots- JavaScript and robotics in real life

Author: Will Mendes

Robotics is another field you can use JavaScript in, which is an interesting fact in iteslef. This book takes a deep dive into the world of JavaScript and Robotics.

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JavaScript: The Good Parts

Author: StackOverflow Community

Every programming language has its good parts and it’s bad parts. This book accentuates the good parts of JavaScript and reinforces the benefits of using JavaScript.

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JavaScript: The right way

Author: William Olivera

As it’s name suggests, this book reinforces the pricnciple of writing JavaScript according to best practices and coding standards. It shows you the “dos” and “donts” in the language. Write JavaScript the right way.

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Exploring ES6

Author: Axel Rauschmayer

ES6 is a modern JavaScript spec which comes with a boatload of new features and syntax. This book explores those additions in a way that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed. A great resource for those looking to stay updated.

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JavaScript Enlightenment

Author: Cody Lindley

This book is targeted at advanced-level to beginner-level JavaScript developers. If you have basic knowledge of JavaScript, this book will help consolidate your knowledge by introducing a whole new way of doing things.
A lot of advanced topics are covered in great detail.

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Learn JavaScript

This free ebook is targeted at absolute beginners in JavaScript. You get to learn beginner level concepts like Closures, The DOM, basic syntax and loops. It has lots of exercises and everything is explained in a plain, simple way.
A great resource for those just starting out.

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JavaScript succinctly

Author: Cody Lindley

Understanding the concepts like Classes, Object and prototype mechanism is sometimes difficult and that is exactiy what this book is all about. It concisely explore the world of classes and objects in a way that leaves you enlightened on the topic after ypu’re done.

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JavaScript for the impatient programmer

Author: Axel Rauschmayer

It is popularly said that shortcuts are bad in life. This book provides you with a shortcut to learning JavaScript by making everything short, concise and modern.

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Human JavaScript

Author: Henrik joreteg

This is identifies that since code is written by human beings and not machines, it should be written that makes it readable, easy to maintain and flexible. It emphases best practices, testing, routing and other important concepts.

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JavaScript Challenges

Author: Tomas Corral Casas

This books challenges you get better at JavaScript with trick questions, coding challenges and more.

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Neural networks with JavaScript Succintly

Author: James McCaffrey

Did you know you can make Neural networks with JavaScript? Now you do!
This book leads you into the world of JavaScript and Neural networks. It tackles concepts like it’s output, it input-output flow, tahn and back-propagation, normalization etc.

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JavaScript Design Patterns

Author: Addy Osmani

If you are a professional JavaScript developer looking to solidify and get acquinted with some advanced topics inherent in JavaScript and write quality and optimized code, this book is perfect for you. Some advanced topics like advanced closure and prototypes are tackled in detail.

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Eloquent JavaScript

Author: Marijn Haribeke

Probably one of the most popular and acclaimed JavaScript book of all time. Eloquent JavaScript “eloquently” dissects JavaScript in a very simple way for absolute beginners and intermediate-level readers to easily follow and understand.
It’s a great resources for every JavaScript developer to check out t some point.

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Practical ES6

Author: Nicolas Begacqua

Learning about ES6 is one thing, practicing it is another thing. This book is pleasantly filled with helpful tutorials and practices to help you quickly grasp ES6 and write modern JavaScript programs. You get to see the usage of all ES6 code in practose.

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Speaking JavaScript

Author: Axel Rauschmayer

If you already know about JavaScript and are to simply get better then this book is a great resource for that.

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Cleancode JavaScript

Author: Ryan McDermott

Learning to write clean code is an absolutely huge investment you should make for yourelf as a developer. Thankfully, this guides you on how to do just that!
Cleancode javascript is arguably one of the most popular JavaScript resources out there.

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JavaScript for Cats

Author: Noblemule

A beginner-friendly introduction for absolute beginners (or cats). It teaches basics concepts like the browser console, the Dom and other simple stuff

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Developing Backbone Applications

Author: Addy Osmani

A fantastic guide for creating MVC applications with Backbobe.js framework. Structured in such a way that makes it suitable for beginners, intrmediate-level and even advanced-level developers.

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HTML To React

Author: Sleepless Yogi

Unlike others in this list, this book is not free. As its name implies, HTML To React teaches you all about web development while assuming you have knowledge of nothing but HTML. The book is highly acclaimed to be a great and incredibly deep resource for learning JavaScript and even React!

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I hope you get something value from this list. If you come across any issues with the links, you can reach me on Twitter

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Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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The paper version is paid, but you can read it online for free.