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Kingsley Ubah
Kingsley Ubah

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5 Awesome Websites to Download Free Vector Illustrations

Are you looking for illustrations or vector graphics for your next project?

Well then, Great!

I am going to share the five useful websites I go to for free pre-made illustrations. Most of the illustrations are free, while some packs are not.


undraw homepage - UnDraw

Undraw holds one of the largest collection of vector-based illustrations on the web.

You can also use the in-built color filter (placed on the top right corner) to match the colour of all all illustrations to your brands color. You can also search for specific illustrations.

Images can be downloaded either as an svg or png (for blog posts). They are also completely free to download.

Since they are vector graphics, they can easily be adjusted and scaled.


drawkit homepage - Drawkit

DrawKit offers a beautiful collection of vector illustration packs. Some of the packs are free to download but most of them are paid.

Illustrations can be downloaded in png and svg formats.


icon8 homepage - Ouch! by Icon8

Icon8 not only provides us with a huge collection of vector icons, but vector-based illustrations as well (Ouch!). Illustrations are grouped into categories and we can search for any type of vector illustration using the search bar.

There are also three plans for downloading icons from icons8.

download plans - Download plans

You can also edit Icons8 illustrations inside of the mega creator

mega creator


Flaticon homepage

Flaticon offers a huge collection of small and big vector icons and illustrations. They also allow you to download the png fomat for free and in any size you want. However, to download the icons as an svg file, you will have to become a premium member.


lucaszadam.png - Lucas Zadam

This platform is owned a individual. Lucas Zadam is a web designer and illustrator. This site contains a huge collection of vector based illustrations which is Free for commercial and personal use under the CC0 license (MIT license). No attribution required as well!

All illustrations will be downloaded as a package from a gumroad page.

That's it!

Illustrations add meaning and beauty to your web pages. When next you are building a landing page, you can spice up the design by downloading and using some vector illustrations from those sites.


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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

I would add OpenClipart that is the largest collection of Public Domain SVG/vector illustrations on the web. Not every image is high quality but you can also find really good ones.

ubahthebuilder profile image
Kingsley Ubah

Thanks for adding. I recently found out about it.