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My Top 10 YouTube Channels for Programmers

On my twitter profile, I constantly receive a lot of questions from beginners inquiring about what YouTube channels to go to for programming content.

So in this post, I will be listing out ten (10) of my favourite YouTube channels for software programmers as well as what kind of content to expect from each of them.

Let's begin!

CS Dojo

cs dojo.png

Learn a lot about solid computer science and programming concepts with YK.

This channel provides content on

  • Python concepts
  • Python tutorials
  • Computer Science
  • Tips on how to get a job

and much more!

Visit CS Dojo on YouTube

Kevin Powell


Kevin provides tips and tricks on CSS as well as web development in general. If you want great content on CSS, you must check this out.

This channel provides content on

  • CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • CSS design tools
  • Web design principles
  • Web development

and many more

Visit Kevin Powell on YouTube

Aaron Jack


Aaron Jack provides solid advice and tips on software programming and remote work.

This channel provides content on

  • Freelancing
  • Remote work
  • Web Development concepts
  • Tips on how to get a job
  • Software Development

and many more.

Visit Aaron on YouTube

Coder Coder

coder coder.png

If you are learning web development, this is one channel you definitely wouldn't want to miss.

This channel provides content on:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Tutorials on web development
  • Learning programming as a self-taught
  • Web development concepts and best practices

and many more

Visit Coder Coder on YouTube

Traversy Media


If you are looking for comprehensive tutorials and guides on using web dev technologies, this channel is for you. You should check out the crash courses as well!

This channel provides content on

  • CSS and frameworks
  • JavaScript
  • Tutorials on how to use web dev tools
  • Crash courses on programming languages and tools
  • Advices and tips on growing as a web developer

and many more

Visit TraversyMedia on YouTube

Web Dev Simplified


Watch comprehensive tutorials on how to use web development tools to build web apps.

This channel provides content on

  • CSS and its usage
  • Web Development
  • Tutorials on how to build web apps
  • Tips and advices for programmers
  • Responsive web design
  • JavaScript and libaries/frameowrks

and many more

Visit Web Dev Simplified on YouTube


FreeCodeCamp has possibly the most comprehensive tutorials you can find about programming on YouTube.

This channel provides (long) content on:

  • Android development
  • Web Development
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • Beginner level courses
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

and many more.

Clément Mihailescu


If you are looking for deep insights and advices on how to get a tech job, this is a channel to check out.

This channel provides content on

  • Getting a job in tech
  • Scaling the job interview process
  • Valuable tips and advices for people getting into tech
  • Interesting talks
  • Computer science principles
  • Personal stories and experiences

and many more.

Visit Clément Mihailescu on YouTube

Ben Awad


Similar to the previous channel, this one provides insoghts and tips on growing as a software developer.

This channel provides content on

  • Programming concepts
  • Deep insights and perspectives on working in tech
  • Valuable tips and advices
  • Breakdown of tech tools and their uses
  • Web development tutorials

and many more.

Visit Ben Awad on YouTube

James Q. Quick


If you are looking for a channel to learn web development tools and techniques, you can check out this channel too.

This channel provides content on:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Web Development concepts
  • Quick tutorials on using web dev tools
  • Tips and advices

and many more

Visit James Quick on YouTube


You may not agree so much with this list, or may have some reservations. That is exactly why this is my list. These are the ones I visit the most, or the ones which the YouTube algorithm shows me the most often.

If you have any other suggestions, which I bet you do, be sure to list them in the comments.

My name is Kingsley and I hope to help beginners with my technical writings. I also write for FreeCodeCamp


Stay safe and see you next time.

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