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Self-Motivation Tips For Web Developers

Motivation is one thing a lot of software developers struggle with especially at the onset.

When I started out, I was very enthusiastic about coding. Even when I was having a busy day I would create a little time to learn about Data Structures and Algorithms at FreeCodeCamp.

I remember getting so excited whenever I was having a coding lesson.

However as the days got busier and more hectic, I started losing motivation. This of course could be imputed to the stress of being a student and having a part time job. Let's be honest, the process of building websites even at a small scale is mentally challenging.

Bored and unmotivated

In addition to the physical toll, I also had a lot of challenges practising web development. From slow processing speed of my computer to the power instability prevalent in my home country, the list of challenges is almost endless.

As a result, I devised some ways to motivate myself and that's what I am going to be sharing with you all:

Manage Your Time Better

The bane of my motivation was poor time management. While I barely had time to code due to other activities, the little time I had left was spent on frivolous activities which provided little to no benefit.

However, with some discipline and better awareness, I was able to charted out a better timetable to which I closely adhered to everyday.

You see when you manage your time better, you'll be **mentally and physically strong to smoothly carry on your coding lessons without any pressure or tardiness.

Your productivity will also be greatly increased thanks to the concentration.

All thanks to efficient time management.

Join A Developer Community

Joining a developer community is a brilliant way to stay motivated for one chief reason: you will constantly see the works and achievements of other developers. You'll get to see their latest projects as well as tales of how they were able to achieve it.

This will spark the flames in you and propel you to build cooler stuff as well. As they always say, "Competition brings progress and creativity"

Joining the tech community on Twitter is one great example. The achievements of others served as my ultimate inspiration. Whenever someone announce a new following or project I got even more motivated to work on growing my audience and engaging on some projects of my own like my ebook.

I wouldn't have achieved all those if I wasn't part of the community.

Think Of The Benefits You Stand To Get

What is web development to you?

Is it just as a hobby or do you actually want to make income from it?

Your aim is going to determine how serious you're going to be and thinking about the potential benefits will act as some sort of catalyst for motivation.

Writing one blog post every day is hard. However whenever I think about my ambition I get more and more motivated to put in the work.

When you know what you want, and what you stand to gain, motivation just comes freely.

Set Attainable Goals

Whenever we achieve our goals, our body experiences a surge of dopamine which makes us feel good. To keep yourself motivated at all times, you simply need to be winning too.

A good way would be to break down your main goal by setting smaller, achievable goals everyday.

Smaller goals are easier to achieve and the feeling you get from checking off that item from the to-do list will do wonders to your mood.

This is a Practice I adopt for all of my goals. Everyday I ask myself this:

"What do I have to do to move myself closer to my main goal of becoming a full-time content creator?"

One of them is writing one post for my blog.

Divide. Conquer. Move On.

Reward Yourself

I talked about setting yourself up to achieve more goals but what you do for yourself after reaching success is just as important. Failure to reward yourself will lead to boredom and possible burnout.

Hence, It's very important yourself when you achieve your target. Get yourself a drink, play some video game, take a nap, reward yourself!

For myself, it's some nice entertainment and football game as well as a bit of rest.

Motivation is critical to your success in whatever you do and web development is no different. Retaining interest and enthusiasm about it is important to truly progress.

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Thank you and see you soon.

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