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umeya kassim
umeya kassim

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Between python and javascript which one should I focus on?

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Wade Zimmerman

Both languages have a huge communities around them which is really great for learning purposes but you can be introduced to bad programming practices and tons of nonsense articles. Python is probably better because it can give you exposure to more practical applications. Python is really popular in data science, robotics, and scripting. JavaScript on the other hand is only good for websites, VSCode tutorials, and comparing the framework of the day.

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javascript is the language to learn in the next ten years
And python doesn't get you a good job.

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In my opinion, no language will “get you a good job.” Python and JavaScript are both worthy languages to learn.

To answer your question @umeya_kassim, it really depends on what your goals are. Will this be your first time learning a programming language? Are you learning for fun, or is your main goal to enter the job market?

A wise mentor once told me, focus on your fundamentals. Once you've got a grasp on that, learning new technologies and languages comes naturally!

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Matt Curcio

I don't know.
Should I drive an MGB or a Tractor? ;)

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What do you want to do?