Suggestion Needed | Flask or Django ?

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Recently i have started learning Python basics and then did one small project using flask. I wanted to explore more about flask but saw most of the companies are using Django instead of flask for Python based web development. Now i am planning to take a take a full fledged course but m not sure whether i should learn flask or Django. Please suggest me what should i do.

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You should go through Django's tutorial and see if you like it.

I prefer Flask because I'm a minimalist at heart I guess, but also because I've never been a huge fan of Django's ORM.

Flask's advantage is its low barrier of entry and composability. Django's advantage is having a lot of stuff built in (and yeah, the admin if you need it).


you are right. But concern is regarding scope. Which one will give me more job opportuity?


I can't answer that :)

If you already know that the answer is Django, then it's a good thing to learn it if it allows you to get job offers


It depends on your use case, for me I kind of like Django's everything on approach to getting things done which is easier to debug than Flask.

Then again it really depends on your use case on what is more important to you in your development career.

Simplicity & flexibility to batteries included & structured way to do it.


I don't have experience with Django but have with Flask. It is very easy to start with it, easy to debug, containerize and run in production with WSGI. Regarding to WSGI I recommend Graham Dumpleton's "Secrets of a WSGI master" lecture from PyCon 2018:

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