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[Idea] Troubleshooting CLI - What do you think?

I thought of creating an open-source project which includes a Troubleshooting CLI application that supports macOS, Linux, and WSL2 (Linux VM on Windows).

This CLI will assist DevOps engineers to perform an analysis on common issues (challenges), without the hassle of repeating common tasks.

I call it tbs (troubleshooting)

As always, it's easier to explain with an example -

$ tbs --help

tbs vendor service-name action [-arg, --argument]

# Example:

$ tbs aws efs mount --id --efs-mount /data --local-mount-path /home/ubuntu/data
[LOGS] Describe EFS
[LOGS] Describe VPC
[LOGS] Check if EFS is available (provisioned)
[LOGS] Check if DNS support is enabled in VPC
[LOGS] Check if EFS is reachable from local machine - ping
[LOGS] Check if EFS DNS can be resolved from local machine
[LOGS] Attempt to mount EFS on local machine
[RSLT] DNS support needs to be enabled in the VPC - my-vpc-id
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What do you think? Is this something that you'll use? I'd love to hear your opinion

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Sunil Vijay • Edited

Sounds good👍🏻. The logs and results looks clean and perfect. Reduces time perhaps wasting time on googling. Also try these and pick some references from these terminal helpers 😇

Open-source resources.
aws-shell :
tldr :
Kube-shell :

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Meir Gabay

Thank you for your input, and these auto-completions tools look awesome.