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Setup a Blog With Hugo and GitHub Pages

If you want to share your thoughts with the world, starting an online blog is a good idea. You can use a static site generator and a free static hosting service to host your blog for free.

Note: My experience with SSGs is not very good, I am looking for something better than Hugo for blogging.

In this post, I will show you how I setup my blog using Hugo and GitHub pages.


  1. Write posts in markdown.
  2. Convert to a static website using hugo.
  3. Commit and push to GitHub to deploy.

Install Hugo

To build the site, hugo must be installed on your system.

Use your package manager to install Hugo.

On macOS use Homebrew

brew install hugo

On Arch linux

pacman -S hugo

For other distros and Windows, this

To check if hugo is installed, run

hugo version

Create and Configure Site

Create a new site named 'blog'

hugo new site blog

Hugo will generate files required for a site in a new folder called blog.

Initialize an empty Git repository.

git init

A theme is required for a hugo site. Visit and select a theme. For this tutorial, I am using notepadium. To use a theme, it should be in themes directory of hugo site. It is recommended to add theme as a Git Submodule because it makes easier to update themes.

git submodule add themes/hugo-notepadium

To use installed theme, add these lines to config.toml

theme = "hugo-notepadium"

Write Some Content

To write a post, you can manually create a markdown file in content folder or use the Hugo cli.

hugo new posts/

The above command will create a new file in content/posts/ directory called

Open this file in your text editor of choice and write your first post.

Preview your site before deploying by running

hugo server

Your website will be available at http://localhost:1313/.

Build and Deploy on GitHub Pages

Types of GitHub Pages:

  • User Pages: [username]
  • Project Pages: [username][project]

I recommend using Project Pages for blog.

In config.toml, add

publishDir = "docs"

This will output generated static files to docs folder. GitHub pages will deploy from this folder.

Also set baseURL and title.

Create a new repository in your GitHub account and copy its URL.

In your hugo site directory, run

git remote add origin <URL-of-new-Repo>

Build your site by running


Then run following to deploy

git add .
git commit -m "First Post"
git push origin master

Go to GitHub repository Settings > GitHub pages. Select /docs in Source.

Navigate to your site at [username]



  • [ ] Automate build and deploy.

This is my first post on and I need your feedback, Thanks

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Rachel Ombok

im getting an error that I dont have a /docs folder? when i run hugo serve it creates a folder named public