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Accessibility Myths, Planet-Centered Design, History of Grids — and more UX this week

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Stories from the community

The traps of standardized measures

Design annotations that will make your developers happy

Helping people with anxiety navigate your website

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News & ideas

  • Hell-vetica → A Halloween font to scare your designer friends.
  • Urban Tetris → Abstract urban shapes in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Social Chaos? → Social media has not destroyed a generation
  • Planet Design → The role of designers in planet-centric design.

Tools & resources

  • Variable Fonts → More samples of type that adapt to its context.
  • Builder X → Browser-based design tool that codes React.
  • Designer FM → Podcast about being a designer in a tech world.
  • History of Grids → From the printing press to modern web design.

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