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Prototyping with Discord, top 30 design companies, jobs-to-be-done — and more UX links this week

A weekly selection of design links, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.

Stories from the community

The unbearable lightness of Dribbble

By Rubens Cantuni

A guide to interface design for older adults

By Cameron Chapman

Prototyping with Discord and Slack

By Dan Gärdenfors

More top stories:

News & ideas

  • Top Design Firms → The 30 most important design companies according to FastCo. (👋hey!)
  • Bauhaus UX → What can UX learn from the iconic Bauhaus design school?
  • Responsive Copy → This writer’s portfolio lets you choose how cheesy his intro copy is.
  • How Autonomous? → How do autonomous cars work? Not so great.

Featured work: Hans Findling

Tools & resources

  • Mozilla Design → New hub with resources, articles, and guidelines.
  • Button Contrast → Are your buttons compliant with WCAG 2.1?
  • Chakra UI → Build accessible React apps & sites with speed.
  • Epilepsy UX → Check your designs for people with photosensitive epilepsy to view.
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