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Feature Flags vs Branching

Feature branching allows developers to effectively collaborate around a central code base by keeping all changes to a specific feature in its own branch. With the addition of feature flags, feature branching becomes even more powerful and faster by separating feature release management from code deployment.

Feature flagging allows developers to take full control of their feature lifecycles without depending on code deployments. When you merge a feature branch into master (production), it is already wrapped in a feature flag. This allows you to deploy the feature “off” and then gradually roll it out to users. It also allows you to quickly “kill” the feature if it is not working well, without having to redeploy.

Therefore, feature flagging does not replace branching, it is complementary and makes it more powerful. Feature branching provides the flexibility to decide when and what to release, while feature flagging lets you take full control of the release itself. Together, branching and flagging help you maintain and integrate short-lived branches faster and with less risk.

This allows many small incremental versions of software to be delivered without the cost of constant branching and merging.

What is UpStamps?

UpStamps is a Feature Flag Management Platform to separate code from different environments and projects.

UpStamps helps teams manage their projects using feature management with a Central control to progressively deliver features to users with confidence.

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Michiel Hendriks

A big selling point of Feature Flags is that it allows developers to practice Continuous Integration rather than Feature Branching.

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Vitor Amaral

Martin Fowler has an excellent article on this subject. With feature flags, you have more control over visibility than changing code and deploying again

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Very good examples in this article!

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Why use this over LaunchDarkly?

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Vitor Amaral

Hey, the two major differences between LaunchDarkly and UpStamps are price and requests limits. UpStamps is more accessible for developers and small teams that want to implement Feature Flags in their projects. UpStamps does not limit the number of Monthy Active Users (MAU). UpStamps uses users to improve segments and not to limit.