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Ember Meeting - Conference calls with notes

Meetings and conference calls are a part of what makes any project successful. When you are dealing with team members that are working remotely (like we all seem to be doing recently) keeping your calls short and your notes updated is critical to staying on track. Having spent my fair share of time on these calls I have always thought of ways that it could be improved and optimized for better results.

What I am building

Ember Meeting

Projects and ideas are like a fire, they require attention to keep going. Embers are small piece of a dying fire, give this ember some fuel and you can build a bonfire.

Ember Meeting is the result of the frustration that I suffered as a conference host and user. It combines a conference call control panel with a note taking application.


  • Live participants feed
  • Conference controls
    • Mute/unmute all guests
    • End the conference
    • Record the call
  • Meeting agenda
  • Create meeting notes from agenda
  • Send summary of the call and notes via email
  • One click mobile dial into conference


How I am builing it

  • Python
  • Flask
  • Bootstrap
  • Twilio Conferences
  • Twilio Caller ID
  • Twilio SendGrid

Designing a web interface

My goal is to build something that is easy to use. I connect to a lot of calls while on my phone (sometimes while walking the dog). Being able to manage the calls that I am hosting from my mobile device is a must have feature. Using the bootstrap feature makes sure that this will be responsive across platforms and screen sizes. Using Bootstrap and font awesome made building touch friendly UI elements quick.


Staying on topic is important to make sure that you meeting is completed in a timely fashion. The call agenda allows for creating and assign call topics to the responsible user. Once you have your agenda ready to can copy all items to your notes field and use it as a template to create your meeting minutes.


Shows a live feed of who is on the call with caller ID and label support.

Meeting Controls

Uses bootstrap buttons to control the conference call.

Notes and action items

The notes field allows for quick call notes to make sure you are not missing anything important. Action items allows for quick bullet points as to the next steps you need to take.

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