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What domain? Web dev, mobile apps, hardware?


It's a general hackathon, but I was interested more making web apps which solve a social cause. I also wanted to work on blockchain technology so that is preferable.


In the domain of web development with a good social cause that could be accomplished in a blockchain style, creating a site that relied on local networking as opposed to client-server, which could be useful in contexts like protests where activists want to communicate with a reliable low latency connection and potentially do so more privately. I'm a believer in the possibility of low-latency networking in general.

I need to educate myself more in this arena before I can make any concrete suggestions but ipfs seems like it's meant for this sort of thing.

Okay, thanks for the suggestions @ben ! I really like the idea.

Also: I would suggest to keep an eye on everything dat related. Especially the Beaker Browser project which is a browser for the p2p web. Highly recommended!