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Finding Vets Who Code

When I started my journey into Web Development it started like many others, with a simple Google search, “How to become a Web Developer.” Google instantly returned my query with millions of results in about half a second. I knew shortly after that I needed guidance to navigate the scores of languages, career paths, and resources. Having a military background led me to seek out others with the same values and work ethic as me, inevitably leading me to Vets Who Code. I submitted my application and completed the pre-work. Shortly after I was accepted to the program, but not all was sunshine and rainbows from there.

I did the work but things just weren’t clicking. Any other organization would have drug me along behind them until I got through and sent me on my way. But the leaders at Vets Who Code sat me down and had a blunt conversation with me, the kind of honest, kick in the butt conversation that only comes from people close to you, like friends you have had for years or family. Basically I was told the work I was doing wasn’t cutting it and I needed to change something and change it fast.

As soon as that conversation was over I was back at it, studying, watching videos, listening to those in the industry, and most importantly doing, eventually graduating the program and getting my first developer job as a Mid Level Frontend Web Developer.

Without Vets Who Code taking the time to not only teach me how to code, but also teach me how to learn, I could have been stuck in the realm of mediocrity.

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Jerome Hardaway

You're one of the troops I am most proud of, cause I have seen how far you have come to now be leading one of our highest profile teams and consistently leading them to getting picked pens on codepen.