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What's your Android Studio setup?

vexonius profile image vexonius ・1 min read

Hello fellow android developers,
I'm curious how you configure your android studio IDE. From theme, icons, font and code style, what works best for your productivity and makes reading and understanding code easier? Do you wrap code at specific lenght or use default settings with ctrl + alt + L? What about custom loading bars?

Show off your setup and inspire other developers :D

Personally, I use One Dark Theme for IDE, default icons and some custom wrapping setting, but the greatest thing I installed is nyan cat progress bar. Here it is
Alt Text

Looking forward to your setups, ideas and tips!

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j1c1m1b1 profile image
Julio Mendoza

Unfortunately, my monitors are directly behind a window so I have to use a clear color scheme, I created this one: fifty shades of flue. Also have "Input liga" font with enabled ligatures and ADB Idea.

vexonius profile image
vexonius Author

How can you see anything?? Too bright for my eyes haha, but if it works for you, great!

glennmen profile image
Glenn Carremans

I have been using the Dracula theme for some time now but recently switched to Dracula Pro and using the Van Helsing variant, loving it so far 💜
1 plugin that I love and use in every Jetbrains IDE that I use is Rainbow Brackets

vexonius profile image
vexonius Author

Yes!! Rainbow brackets are awesome, don't know how I forgot to mention it

keskidev profile image
Lyle Olsen

This is great! I just use the Dracula theme but nothing else. I need to not be so boring and add some of these things in!

fultonbrowne profile image
Fulton Browne

mine is pretty much default, but I do have all my build configs mapped to some version of f4 (I used to use visual studio) @glennmen mentioned rainbow brackets I will be installing that very soon

sanjay_spikey profile image
Spikey sanju

Mine is Material Darker theme with default icons. And codata for smart code highlights🤩✌️