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What's in your cup?

As a 2-3 cups per day coffee drinker, things are dire... I'm down to my last four coffee pods!

So I got wondering, what are fellow devs drinking? Maybe it's worth picking up something new to try.

Share your go-to coffee (or tea) brands and varieties. What stores carry it and/or can it be purchased online?


@ the office (K-Cup machine):
Jumping Bean Coffee "East Coast Roast" and "Deep Water Dark". Available direct from Jumping Bean, Amazon, and at Sobeys (eastern Canada grocery chain)

@ home (Aeropress):
T.A.N. Coffee "Hondouran", "Peruvian" and "Bolivian" blends. TAN is a small, Nova Scotia-based roaster.

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For me I roast my own coffee at home and grind and brew fresh. To me coffee tastes best between 2-5 days after roasting. Ethiopian beans tend to taste the best. Usually I will drink about 395g of water to about 25g of coffee a day and then maybe a cup of tea later in the day. For tea I am less picky but I get tapal danedar brand black tea. Other than that maybe ~3-4 liters of water.

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I like drinking mini Diet Coke cans and Snapple. Specifically, Snapple Mango Tea and Snapple Pink (I forgot the name of it).

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𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚π₯𝐒𝐞 𝐝𝐞 π–πžπžπ«π

For me it's either Nespresso pods of various flavours, or Nescafe Double Choca Mocha :) I love a good Mocha!

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Mac Siri

I love Cafe bustelo. I only make it with Moka pot.

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Clay Murray

Water and maybe half a cup of cold Brew.

Caffeine can make me anxious but I do need some to wake up.