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Hello there ! 👋

I would like to know more about this community ! 🤗

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I have 1 question for you :

What is your portfolio URL ? And how is your portfolio site built (React.js? Vanilla? ROR? ...)

This array below will be updated every hours !

Name Tech URL
@viclafouch Next.js on Vercel https://www.victor-de-la-fouchardiere.fr
@gradam Gatsby on GH pages https://semik.dev
@michaelgee22 Next.js on Vercel https://michaelgee.com
@giselamd Gatsby with Netlify CMS http://giselamirandadifini.com
@ehsan Static Vanilla JS on GH pages https://www.ehsanazizi.me
@aliahsan07 Gatsby on Netlify https://aliahsan.tech
@imshravan Static Vanilla JS http://www.ohmyscript.com
@daviddalbusco Gatsby, GitHub Actions and Firebase hosting https://daviddalbusco.com
@ixartz Eleventy.js on Vercel https://creativedesignsguru.com
@hougesen Static Vanilla JS https://mhouge.dk
@ryansmith Gatsby https://ryansmith.tech
@djaidri_oussama Gridsome, Tailwindcss on Netlify https://xenodochial-yonath-b7c6a8.netlify.app
@eudds Vanilla JS https://ericudlis.com
@pedropcruz Nuxt + bulma on Netlify http://www.pedropcruz.pt
@jeffjadulco Gatsby + Tailwind CSS on Vercel https://jeffjadulco.com
@laasrinadiaa Gatsby on Netlify https://nadialaasri.me
@corentinbettiol PHP, MariaDB and Vanilla JS https://l3m.in
@sanchezdav Ruby on Rails https://codeando.dev
@juandamartn Vanilla JS https://juandamartinez.com
@adamgreenough Wordpress https://adamgreenough.me
@elvessousa Next.js with Typescript on Vercel https://elvessousa.com.br
@jetleebruce Gatsbyjs, Tailwind on Netlify https://modinsv.netlify.app
@chuksokwuenu PHP, Javascript and MySql http://chuksokwuenu.com
-------- -------- --------
share yours!!

READY ? Let's go ! 📣

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Victor de la Fouchardière


🐦 Frontend developer and technical writer based in France. I love teaching web development and all kinds of other things online 🤖


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Mine is just a basic blog, I need to stop being lazy and add more to it.


Thank you Ryan ! Added to the list :)



Gatsby > GitHub actions > Firebase hosting

It also uses some Stencil Web Components (slider, lazy loading and code highlighting).



90+/100 on PageSpeed, well done David !


Thank Victor!

I could/should do better in terms of accessibility (85) though. Just opened an issue to not forget to improve that, a clean 100 on all metrics would be nice 😉.


I love it ! Thanks for sharing ;)

Added to the list !


Hi Victor!
Just noticed you put wrong tech next to my site.
BTW. Great post idea!



nuxt + bulma (and in future, will add @nuxtjs/content :)) and deployes on netlify


Your logo on the homepage is awesome ahah !

Thank you Pedro !


Static HTML, SCSS, and JS
Hosted on Github Pages


Simple et efficient :)

Added to the list btw


Here's my blog built with Hugo and hosted on Netlify: path-to-programming.tech I wanna highlight my side projects though. This is giving me some good ideas. Mostly a lot of backend Java stuff, but I'm getting into React.


mhouge.dk - just a simple HTML, CSS and JS site currently.


Nice ! I've added your portfolio to the list !


Great post idea!
Here's mine: elvessousa.com.br/
Made with Next.js with Typescript, hosted on Vercel.


This is my website that expanded from a portfolio that I used to showcase projects into a place for centralizing my internet presence. I used React, Storybook, ThreeJS, Popmotion, and Firebase to build this and Figma to design.

What are your thoughts? Anything you'd change or possibly add?

Site preview

Personal Website | Design Components | Github Repo


Maybe, you should add your own productions ?

I Added your site to the table btw!


These are my own productions 😅 and thanks for adding my site 🤟🙌


Gatsby + Tailwind CSS. Hosted on Vercel 🚀


I love your site Jeff, really ^^

Nice ! Added to the list ! ;)


Thank you !! I love the way when we switch the theme light/dark :p

Added to the list


Added to the list ! Thanks ;)

Well done BTW


Actually just launched mine today!

michaelgee.com - Built with Next.js & React - Deployed with Vercel


Added to the list, thanks Micheal ;)


Here we go. Gatsbyjs, Tailwind, Netlify and a little bit of framer-motion



First wordpress of the list ! thanks :p


Still in development ( So it's not responsive yet ) & also not have a domain name yet .

link : xenodochial-yonath-b7c6a8.netlify....

Built with Gridsome & Tailwindcss
Hosted on Netlify


Added to the list ! Thank you !! :)


creativedesignsguru.com - built on Eleventy.js and hosted on Vercel.

I have also built multiple Eleventy Themes after building my portfolio.


You don't very show your profile inside this website, don't you ?


Actually, I have built this website one month ago. There is a lot of thing missing. Definitively, I will more page including a profile page.


Make sure to share your production URL and your languages/frameworks you used to build your portfolio !


OgheneMichael.com – Built using HTML5, SASS, Vanilla JS, and GSAP for the animation.

Hosted using Vercel

GitHub repository


Basic Gatsby site with Data fed from JSON files and Instagram API


  • Hosted on Netlify
  • Uses IFTTT webhook to re-deploy on instagram new post

My portfolio was made with Vanilla JS and CSS, also used Laravel practicing CRUD for the projects section. (This site is in Spanish)



Be careful !


Btw, I added your site to the list !


Ericudlis.com Static VanillaJS with plans to make a react site!


nadialaasri.me, built with Gatsby, hosted on Netlify


A one page website too, I love it :)


Here's my (french) personal website: l3m.in − vanilla php7 (poo mvc) + mariadb + vanilla html/css, and a scoop of vanilla javascript (es6 I think) :)