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Beginning and Motivations

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For a long time, I've been trying to start a small-to-medium yet meaningful project to motivate myself into learning something new. I have always learned better by doing but I also get very bored with uninteresting stuff. Besides righting code, one of the things I enjoy the most is teaching and helping people with concepts they may find hard to grasp.

As the majority of programmers, I have a considerable list of unfinished (and mostly even untackled) projects and it has come to my mind that this often happens due to lack of commitment. Doing something to just yourself can be a noble act in it, as society keeps pushing us to share more and more of our lives, but sharing can also be a powerful fuel to drive us forward, if not from the sense of community, at least from the shame of failing or giving up.


I´ll not lie. I care more than I want (and should) to admit that the others' approval plays a major role in some decisions I make. Instead of fighting it, today I chose to invert the equation. I'll put myself at risk of being judged or embarrassing myself into failing to deliver something I consider good and to be proud of.

I'll share my whole process of doing the project, from this very moment of writing this first post, to the day I consider done a MVP of what I imagine. I'll not be teaching, but I hope someone can learn from it. I cannot guarantee that I'll do everything the best way, but I promise to listen to every (if any) advice and answer every (if any, again) question it may appear.

Sometimes there'll be more code and programming decisions, sometimes I'll be vague and perhaps even philosophical about the project.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain.

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