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2022 Opportunities Tech outlook


With 2021 gradually rolling away with just less than 24 hours to go, 2022 is right before us. This year may have been a good year for some in tech, possibly landing a gig, building a cool app or simply advancing knowledge to be able to be a better developer in the field of choice. With 2022 close by, some people may be looking to venture into the tech industry and are wondering: where to start? Where can I fit in? Probably there may be some looking to do something not actually coding related but is still cool and profiting.


At the end of this tutorial readers will be aware of some opportunities present in the tech industry and will be able to pick a place to fit in come 2022.

What is Tech?

Amazing how one word could mean lots of different things when defined from different perspectives. A simple definition of Tech in relation to it as a career is that tech relates to a field that makes use of tools and set of skills or knowledge geared towards creating products or services that satisfy a particular need.

Would the tech industry be beneficial as a career path? The answer is pretty much a big YES! While tech jobs are really interesting to get into, statistics also show steady increases in demand in the tech sector and well grossing pay for various tech fields. Best tech jobs are projected to pay even more than the average median wage of $34,750. Here's a list of some tech jobs and their pay gotten from, The 10 fastest-growing salaries by occupation also included:

  • Technical support engineer ($68,651, +8.2%)
  • Cloud engineer ($136,479, +6.3%)
  • Business analyst ($97,633 +5.3%)
  • Web developer ($81,550, +4.9%)
  • Data engineer ($118,621, +4.7%
  • Cybersecurity engineer ($134,340, +4.3%)
  • Data architect ($133,064, +3.2%)

Some fields in the Tech Industry

With tech covering a wide range of skill sets, there are a lot of fields one can get into depending on interest or goal of venturing into tech.

Web Developers

This set of people are concerned with building scalable web applications. These applications may vary in terms of usage. Web development over recent years has been growing more popular and there's always an increasing demand for people in this field. If you have no problems with learning programming languages or writing codes and have always been fascinated about web pages and wondered how you can make one, well guess you just found your choice field :). Being such a broad field, web development is further divided into two parts, namely: front-end and back-end web development. The former deals with designing the user interface of the website probably in accordance to design specifications while the later deals with developing the applications back-end which may consist of the app's data management, provide authentication for users and much more. These are primarily things that occur but are not directly visible to the user.

Web Designers

Interested in the web but don't enjoy writing code? Well, these guys are responsible for everything users see on a site. They design the workflow of websites which are then designed by the developers. These design cover choices of fonts, animations and the application layout.

Software Developers

These guys write and ship large amount of codes which in turn developsp software used on a daily basis by individuals or companies. They develop applications, system softwares, operating systems among others.

Web Page Builders

They develop web applications, but what makes them different from the web developers mentioned earlier? Unlike web developers, these set of people make use of Content Management Systems (such as WordPress) – basically just using pre-existing tools to create a website without having to hard program.

UX / UI designer

UX focuses on the overall feel of a product and how customers interact using the application, while UI is focused on how the product is laid out. This covers the design of the product while maintaining consistency specified by the UX. UI designs can be on web sites, system applications layouts e.t.c

Technical writer

This set of people are concerned with authoring manuals or technical specifications on various topics which will be beneficial to their readers.

Game Engineer

Interested in the field of gaming? Here are some choices you can choose from in tech:

  • Game designer – works on developing the game concept – characters, setting, storyline, levels, animations. Basically the general idea behind the game
  • Game developer – has the technical skills required to turn the game idea into reality, by converting the sketches and storyline into a playable product
  • Game tester – the most fun job of them all – working to test the games thoroughly to uncover potential bugs and give insight on areas where the game can be further improved before being released to the public

project manager

Organizes and manages a team of professionals while taking the job of building a product or service. Make sure team members meet their quotas, resources are well managed and product is shipped timely.

Graphics Designer

Makes use of computer graphics software to create beautiful illustrations, design logos, fliers, UIs among others. A field that's easy to fall in love with if you have an apt for pretty designs.

3d Modelling and Animations

Concerned with creating character and environmental models for use in animations, games or other purposes. Makes use of animation software to create nice moving motion pictures or animations.

Tech recruiter

Identify potential job candidates for IT positions, reviews and submits these information to hiring managers for consideration.

Cloud Engineer

This set of people comprises of IT professionals responsible for any technological duties associated with cloud computing. These include design, planning, management, maintenance and support.

Cybersecurity engineer

People in this category are concerned with internet security and prevention of cyber crimes. They are sometimes called information security engineers. They identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software then use their skills to develop and implement high-tech solutions to defend against hacking, malware and ransomware, insider threats e.t.c


There are a lot of fields in the tech industry which would be a good fit for your choice of skill sets or interest, finding the right one to indulge in is the first step in taking a tech career.

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I'm happy you put web dev first. I feel like it's the easiest to transition into and helps you get a hang of any other field easily

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Katerina Braide

you must be a web developer

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Victory Tuduo

😂 Because it seemed to have more contents?