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PHP Development Trends & Why Do People Choose It?

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the most popular server-side programming languages. Rasmus Lerdorf designed this general-purpose scripting language in 1994 to assist developers in quickly creating highly scalable, dynamic and robust websites and online programs for their businesses.

PHP is a popular programming language. It is used by web developers & firms providing PHP development services all over the world to create rapid, safe and dynamic web pages for a range of websites and web apps. PHP-powered websites work with all major operating systems.

Many well-known organisations utilise PHP as their primary development language, while many others include PHP components in a wide range of projects. PHP was used to create Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and a bunch of other notable websites.

Reasons People Will Prefer PHP in 2022

You're probably wondering why people still favour PHP in 2022 when more complex languages have already been created. Well, there are some compelling reasons to continue using PHP.

Some of the reasons why people prefer PHP in 2022 are as follows:

  • The primary reason people choose PHP is that it is a robust programming language that works on a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Linux, Unix and Windows.
  • A big number of people work as a PHP development company, resulting in high competition and lower pricing, which eventually decreases the cost of your project.
  • PHP provides a plethora of upgrades and frameworks that allow developers to construct visually attractive, feature-rich websites and mobile apps.
  • PHP comes with a variety of useful libraries and basic tools that enable a developer to produce a one-of-a-kind website or web app for your project. Developers can construct a design that is tailored to the needs of the client.

Latest Trends of PHP Development in 2022

1. Creating Web Apps using PHP and the Cloud:
Many businesses are concerned about storing large amounts of data. The bulk of businesses is investing heavily in creating cloud infrastructures. According to research, PHP and cloud services are a wonderful combination. In the third quarter of 2019, the global cloud infrastructure services market grew by 37%, hitting $27.5 billion in value. Furthermore, 78.9% of app development companies and websites use Cloud and PHP frameworks to use both Cloud and PHP technology. PHP is their preferred technology since it is inexpensive and allows them to create scalable and secure internet apps.

2. PHP Frameworks and Internet of Things Integration:
IoT has established itself as a leader in the field of innovation and it is one of the most recent PHP development trends. PHP is one of the most widely used technologies among IoT developers. PHP and IoT collaborate to create previously unimagined ways of navigating the digital world. Many industries, including real estate, rely on the Internet of Things to make their products smarter and more user-friendly. Smart houses, for example, where everything from lights to electronics can be controlled via mobile phones. The entire code framework is created using a combination of PHP web development tools and IoT gadgets. PHP frameworks like Symfony and Laravel have adapted to IoT development needs, making them the best option.

3. PHP and Intelligent Chatbots:
Chatbots have grown in popularity in recent years. One of the most current PHP development trends is the creation of intelligent chatbots. They're one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers after work hours. Chatbots powered by AI are adept at interacting in a human-like manner. These chatbots can be used to answer questions, resolve consumer complaints and much more. PHP is an open-source programming language that is simple to learn and use; PHP frameworks and tools are a great alternative for creating chatbots. Using PHP's latest technology, you may create a smart chatbot for your website in less time. You may contact a reputed PHP development company today to know more on this.

4. Cybersecurity and PHP:
Nowadays, cybersecurity is critical. People are increasingly preferring to buy online rather than in person, making website and web application security even more vital. Cyber-attacks may be extremely damaging; in addition to modifying how your system operates, cyber attackers can steal crucial information from your devices, such as credit card numbers, personal information or other data. For clients to buy online via a company's website or web application, a payment gateway must be integrated. Enterprises may use PHP development tools to implement effective cybersecurity solutions for their web applications and websites. Phalcon, a PHP framework known for its security, asset management and caching capabilities, is an ideal pick. CodeIgniter is another lightweight PHP framework that enables organisations to include extensive encryption capabilities on their website.

5. Optimisation of Voice Search:
Voice Search Optimisation is another famous PHP web development topic for 2022. Digital voice assistants like Siri and Alexa have become ingrained in our daily lives, forcing an increasing number of web developers to include speech capabilities in their sites. According to research, over seven out of ten consumers (71%) prefer to conduct a query utilising voice searches rather than typing. Voice searches are three times faster than typing, thus this is more plausible.

6. Headless Development:
The most popular PHP web development trend in 2022 is headless or static development. It is sometimes referred to as a Serverless technique and it refers to a software program architecture that does not rely on front-end technology. It enables PHP development services providers to apply customised programming to improve their apps' underperforming areas. This method divides the front-end and back-end, providing for a flexible foundation to enhance sections that aren't performing well. It's one of the most popular PHP development trends and many developers and businesses are using it in their products.

Why should you choose PHP Development Services?

If you're contemplating PHP development services for your project, you're doing yourself a favour. PHP is undeniably gaining popularity due to its exceptional services and capabilities. It's an excellent programming language that streamlines data management and accelerates the agile development process. PHP is the solution for creating a dynamic blogging site or an eCommerce platform. It offers a wide range of web frameworks with diverse functions and features, allowing web developers to build websites that are perfectly suited to their clients.

Furthermore, businesses can connect their website to the cloud for improved data access or use PHP to construct an AMP version of their business website to improve its ranking. PHP has so much to offer; adopting it for your forthcoming project is a wise decision.

This is all about PHP and why people choose it in 2022. Hopefully, this post has helped you assess your requirements and incorporate PHP correctly. Know that PHP is a one-of-a-kind programming language that will never go out of style in the developing globe. If you want to employ PHP development services, make sure they have expertise and knowledge of the language.

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Andrew Baisden

Laravel is the top backend programming framework if you are ranking it by GitHub stars. I shared that on Twitter and many developers were surprised to know that 😂 I think WordPress has also helped PHP to compete because of its ease of use when creating CMS websites.

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mTouch Labs

mTouch Labs is India's leading PHP Web development company in Hyderabad, having a team of the best php developers providing custom PHP website development services and solutions to incorporate industry best practices.

As the Best web development company in Hyderabad with more than 12+ years of experience in the industry offering PHP development services. We have a blend of professional and dedicated PHP developers in our team, who deliver high-quality PHP web development solutions.

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Pavel Kutáč

I think very important why PHP is still so popular are also small and personal web pages.

I think it is much easier for newbies just to buy some cheap shared webhosting, where you upload your files with FTP and it works! Easy & quick. With NodeJS it is harder, and impossible with Java or .NET (in terms of simplicity).

I created many webpages for clients during my studies, put them into shared webhosting and even I did not touch it for many years, some of them still works. No server maintenance, no updates, nothing. It works for like 2$ per month. Big plus for PHP in my opinion.