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This is how earned money by blogging on Dev

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Making money by writing blogs in not new, many people do it for the living. I've also written few paid articles but most of the times, but mostly I write articles for sharing my knowledge, learning new things and help others to learn.

Back Story

Recently, I wrote an article on DEV titled Become a VS Code Ninja with these Extensions and Tools [2020]. The article was very well received in the DEV community and was an overnight success. The article got hundreds of reactions and views within few hours.

Here is a screenshot of how many views I've received so far on my post (Jun 26 - Jun 30).

Article Stats

On the next day, I received a mail from uphold about the funds being transferred into my account.

Payment Received Screen Shot

At first, I was surprised since I never thought that I would actually be getting paid for writing on DEV.

Although, the money received was not that much but, the feeling of getting paid and appreciated for your hard work is beyond imagination.

How did I get paid?

Did you know the Dev recently got Web Monetized?

Web Monetization is a standard that provides content creators with an alternative solution to get paid for the content they share on the web. When a user visits a monetized web page, their browser (if it supports Web Monetization) may send micropayments to the site.

Read more about Web Monetization on DEV in following post:

You can now web-monetize your DEV posts. You will receive micropayments for time spent reading your posts directly. So the more people read your posts the more money you will make.

How do I enable it for my DEV account?

In order to start generating micro-payments with Web Monetization on your DEV content, just following these steps:

  • Set up a wallet (here are a few options). Dev recommends UpHold.
  • Once your wallet is set up, you'll receive a Payment Pointer address. If signed up for uphold you can find your Payment Pointer address here
  • Go to your DEV account settings and add your Payment Pointer to the Web Monetization section
  • That's it. You'll now receive a micro-payment every time a monetized browsers visit your your profile page and posts.

Read more on how to web-monetize your DEV posts go to the following DEV post:

Future is bright on DEV

Earnings at this point is going to be quite small, but there’s a bright future ahead as more people and platforms begin to adopt this standard. As large percentage of DEV authors will have enabled their own payment pointer, monetized browsers will be able to directly reward their work.

Happy coding! 🙏 and Happy monetizing 🤑


Yay!! I received another payment mail from the uphold. 🤑

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