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Jaime González García
Jaime González García

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Learn Svelte

This article was originally published on Barbarian Meets Coding.

Svelte is a modern web framework that takes a novel approach to building web applications by moving the bulk of its work from runtime to compile-time. Being a compiler-first framework allows Svelte to do some very interesting stuff that is unavailable to other frameworks like disappearing from your application at runtime, or allowing for a component centered development with HTML, JavaScript and CSS coexisting within the same Svelte file in a very web standards friendly fashion.

I've been following Svelte's progress for quite some time and I finally found some time to tinker with it. This is the beginning of a series of posts where you'll be able to read about my experience and adventures with Svelte starting with a couple of videos and some resources to get you warmed up.

These are two great introductory videos that will both pique your interest, teach you some of the foundations of Svelte and enough of the syntax to get started writing your own projects:

Rethinking Reactivity is a great intro to the foundations of Svelte and its raison d'être. It's also a super engaging and fun talk by Svelte's creator and master storyteller Rich Harris:

Video número 2 is a great step by step Svelte tutorial with lots of tinkering and playing with the different features in Svelte:

In the coming future I'll write more articles on my adventures and experience with Svelte as I build an interactive playground for Wizards Use Vim. Until then, you can learn more about Svelte here:

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