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Jaime González García
Jaime González García

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Learn Vim. A new extension to help you learn Vim in VSCode

As I was writing JavaScriptmancy, Boost Your Coding Fu with VSCode and Vim and Wizards Use Vim I've always envisioned a more interactive way to teach through practice, play and games. Life happens and I sort of got as far as writing but never much further. I left those cool ideas of interactive learning, roguelikes, RPG-esque JavaScript, Vim platformers archived somewhere at the bottom of bottomless TODO lists, half-remembered thoughts and someday/maybes...

But yesterday as I was preparing breakfast I wondered... Hmm could I write a VSCode extension to help people learn Vim in VSCode? Could I do it in just one day? And it turns out I can... Sort of


Learn Vim, a VSCode extension that helps you learn Vim right within VSCode, keeps your progress and provides room for thoughtful reading and deliberate practice (and soon games?).

Open Visual Studio, install Learn Vim like any other extension and then:

  1. Open the command palette
  2. Type Learn Vim
  3. Victory

Learn Vim

Hope you find it useful! And don't hesitate to give me a shout, ask me a question or let me know what you think. Have fun! And may the Elder Gods of Vim always be with you.

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mattydroiddev profile image

Heresy!! This isn't how you learn Vim. First off, you don't start with the Vim, you graduate from Vi. You start with Ed.

After a a cranky and ancient graybeard CS prof has deemed your knowledge of Ed sufficient you can start to learn Vi - on a dusty old Sun Blade in the basement server dungeon. Each time you issue an incorrect keystroke, a TA will rap your knuckles with a rusty cat o' nine tails while reciting that Fight Club burning mantra!! Once the TA's bloodlust has been sated, then may you start to learn the Vim!

kaleman15 profile image
Kevin Alemán

This is totally incorrect. You learn Vim by watching the waterfall from a risk merge with a river at the sunset.
Then, you meditate in life, its meaning, and our purpose in the world by watching the mighty rivers become one in the ocean.

...Or was that the way to learn Emacs?

vintharas profile image
Jaime González García


ben profile image
Ben Halpern

This is pretty cool

vintharas profile image
Jaime González García • Edited

Thank you! :D

rsdev profile image

This looks great, this seems like it will come in handy. Thank you :)

vintharas profile image
Jaime González García

Thank you! 😀👍

heinkhantzaw profile image
Hein Khant Zaw

I learned a lot using the plugin in VsCode. Thank you so much for giving me motivation to use vim. I love every single one of your articles.
P.S. I've subscribed your YouTube channel too! 😁