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which job-position would you choose?

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I am about to make a decision in my career as a developer and would be happy to hear your advices.
I had last week 3 interviews and I got confirmation from three of them. Unfortunately I couldn't find an open position as React developer in my area, that would make my decision easier, as I have experience with React.

  • The first position is in a startup, very young and dynamic team developing a very innovative application. They are using Vue.js.
  • The second position is in a agency with 10-15 members. In team are very experienced developers. They are building an in-house application, in order to sell as a product. And developing web and mobile application for customers. They are using Ember.js
  • The third position is in a very small agency with 4 developers. Te small team has given me a very good impression. They get their contracts from another agencies oder big companies and develop for them. They are using Angular.

With which framework would you like to work? In which team you think, you can learn the most?

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viracoding Author

Yeah, I know what you mean agencies. This "customer-relationship" creates a stressful atmosphere within the team.

Actually I am still a student, and I just want to see more and learn more. In the young team I can experiment more.
I have than time in the future to join an experienced team (when I'm more experienced too).

Thanks for your advice. I think, I took subconsciously the decision for startup and just want to be sure.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

I would pick the 1st since its a part time position and offers you the glimpse of the startup world with speed to learn from people fast compared to the 2 & 3 option.

2nd sounds like they are still looking at product market fit that can be slow to respond to needs of customer. Cause you will be stuck in doing both a internal product and servicing a client.

3rd sounds like a outsourcing partner without the brand name like Pivotal or Thoughtworks. Which looks more like is supporting enterprise or government level companies. I won't take it. Cause it might be more of system integration work with legacy systems. Which might not be relevant to you. If you decide get into that space for other clients.

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Manuka Maduranga

If you're just starting out I'd recommend the startup. Go to a place where you can learn as much as you can while you're starting out.

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viracoding Author

I work actually for 3 years as web developer. But as front-end dev, yes I am starting out. Actually it is a part-time position, as I am still studying (Master in Software Engineering).

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