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How I Plan to use coding as a tool to save my future

Now, we've all seen this meme that says "Will Code For Food", and thought it's just that, a joke. Little did you know that people literally do that in poor countries, and today I will talk about how I aim to code for food in order to survive.

According to Google, a frontend dev in the US earns about $105,344 per year, so about 8700$ per month pretaxed. wow that's good you'd say but here in Lebanon, it's over 2.9 million LBP per month. Jesus! you'd become a billionaire so essily! Now hold on a minute, at today's exchange rate, that's a bloody 96.6$ per month working 8 hours per day.

Horrible? I know. So why the hell would I spend years of my life learning to code you ask? Just like fresh college graduates are happy to settle with 120$ salary per month. Speaking of college, I had the choice of paying 5000$ per year (imagine if you earn 100$/m, that's 5 years of work) for a private University or public one where they shutdown for 3+ month every now and then because of poverty.

Now imagine your self in my shoes for a moment, you go to the gym to achieve your dream body, just to find out each time you buy meat or chicken it'll cost you 10% of your monthly salary. You get unmotivated and decide to watch a movie, hold on a second, you're in Lebanon, Haven't seen the government's electricity in 4 month. One might lose hope and complain but when does that ever work? It was a get up or give up moment, I decided to look for solutions.

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Here I am, Working day and night on personal projects I know will get me where I want to be, Learning to code was the best decision I took as a 17 year old, and im certain it'll save me from starving like many in my country are.

Thank you for ready and if you are interested in any topic I wrote about leave a comment and let me know.

Here is my portfolio website for those who are interested.

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toddpress profile image
Todd Pressley

Inspiring story and great read… I checked out ur site and followed your github too because Facetoot made me llol.

Imagine an unironic FaceToot! People would accept others’ wind requests to be tooted at. 🤣 Let’s get some VC and I’ll quit my job 😉

Stick with it! You’ve clearly got a knack for web dev and, more importantly, seem to have the passion and drive to do great things in the space. If your application came across my desk, you’d most definitely get an interview based on your site and GitHub alone. And probably the job.

Keep it up, man!

vitomedlej profile image

Hello there! I dont even know if you remember adding this comment or not, but it made a great impact on me. Anyways, I got inspired and rebuilt the facetoot app if you wanna check it out,

I even got a job offer recently, just wanna say keep inspiring people, you're great at it. thank you todd!

silverhof profile image

Never give up is the only right solution. Congrats 👏👏

maame_afia profile image
Maame Afia Fordjour

This is so inspiring 👏

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

It is inspiring to read you have a plan for success good luck!