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Hello World! - Obligatory introduction post

Hey guys!
I'm not very good at writing. Trying to work on that.
Nor is English my first language.

As my profile says, I'm a "35 year-old junior front-end web developer" from Belgrade, Serbia.

As you can imagine, I only started getting into this industry after the age of 30. It hasn't been easy, especially in a country as broken, corrupted, and twisted as Serbia.

But I finally made it. I finally managed to find a developer job at my age :)

It just goes to show there is no such thing as a wrong time to start doing something. It is an overused phrase, but it really is better late than never.

Previous life

Just in case anyone is interested

A lifetime ago I was aspiring to be a musician, I have an MA degree and all. Sadly, it's not much of a career choice anymore, especially in my environment. So after some years of "beating a dead horse", I finally decided to make a change.

Tech-related education

At the age of 30 (ish) I enrolled in a 3-year e-business program at an IT school.
That e-business program was really broad and covered many related subjects, like e-commerce, e-banking, sales, management, project management, digital marketing, and yes, some web development and programming basics.

The thing is, because we had so many subjects and only 3 years, we didn't go deep into any of them and only kind of scratched the surface with most of them.

That's why, after I was done with all the exams, I needed some time to focus on one or two topics I was most interested in - and I went back and forth between digital marketing and web development for about a year before I found my first job.

What am I doing here?

First of all I wanna say I have no desire of becoming a "professional influencer" or something like that. I don't want to make money doing this, nor do I care about amassing crazy amounts of followers.

I'm mainly here for community interaction - finding like-minded people I can discuss things with, share thoughts and experiences, and learn from.

As for content, I first started sharing some thoughts about jobhunting and the industry, and documenting my journey on Instagram, and some of the posts turned out pretty good, so I'm thinking of sharing them here, roughly once a week.

I called them #TipOfTheWeek on IG, but I'm really bad at coming up with names, so feel free to shoot me suggestions, I'm sure yours will be better than mine.

Have a great day!

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ojacques profile image
Olivier Jacques

Very cool 👍🏻 Code is now your new music sheet :-) 🎼

vladimir_dev profile image

Haha I guess so 😁

cubiclebuddha profile image
Cubicle Buddha

As another musician turned dev, welcome Vladimir! :)

Thread Thread
vladimir_dev profile image

Thank you, nice to meet you 😁

jrezzende profile image

Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your dev job, Vladimir!

vladimir_dev profile image

Thank you very much! 👍

michaelrice profile image
Michael Rice

Awesome! 👍 Thanks for telling your story. Seems like you and I came to the right community.

vladimir_dev profile image

Thanks! Looking forward to spending some time here 😊

nirebu profile image
Nicolò Rebughini

Congrats! One year ago I switched paths and now I'm a 31 years old junior sysadmin. Never stop learning 😀

vladimir_dev profile image

Exactly! Good luck to you!

jankosutnik profile image
Jan Kosutnik

Welcome Vladimir, you came to the right place, this community is awesome.
Dobrodošao. 👋

vladimir_dev profile image

Thank you very much!