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The Sublime Text 4 | The editor that can make you quit VSCode

The brand new Sublime Text 4

I was inside the pit of Web Dev for the past month or 2. Then I wanted to have some fun with my old buddy - "Python". As well as I was interested in making some complex algorithmic simulations (Inspired by Sebastian Lague) using pygame and pyglet and some few other OpenGL and SDL2 related stuffs and found to have some minimalism whist using Python. So I installed Sublime Text again after a loooooong time period. Then configured a lot and then was ready to go. The next day, I saw my updater app showing me 3 updates (which usually shows 2 updates, and those two are the updates that I ignore for a different reason). I was like 'hmmmmm, okay let's update it though' and then boom saw sublime text wanted an update, the app shows what is the newer version and it told "4107". I was confused and quickly opened sublime text website and the website was updated and sublime text 4 was released. I was very sad that ST3 is dumb but I really wanted to fiddle with it (IDK why it was dumb though, I think I was overwhelmed with VSCode). But when I saw it I was really happy and quickly refereed the "Whats new" page and was thinking to go back. And the newer update and the newer look made me quit VSCode [ Because I like ST now :) ]. But still I will be using VSCode as well as Sublime Text. Whats wrong in using two text editors configured in different unique ways to use in different places.

Okay, The Great Sweet Nice ST team explained What's New the amazing Sublime Text. What am I doing here. Well I'm going to tell about my Experience, Feedback, and how I configured it.

Apart from this topic: I'm back in action on creating new posts.


Answer in one word : I'm speechless
Answer in large : Well, I'm really impressed with the defaults. Its like Way better than any of the other text editor's default. I thing the Team has understood what most of the people love to have the look of the Text Editor should be like. Though VSCode also has the same level of look. Can't compare though. Both of the editors are equal for me. One is better than the other in their own unique way and that's true for everything. Cows have horns whilst Humans doesn't. Humans have a better brain to go and invent newer things whilst Cows have that power in very low level.(Don't ask me which text editor is that Cow)


The only thing which I want to tell the Team is to have a good Auto Completion like the IntelliSense in VSCode.

And some few extra features like Git Integration, Inbuilt console and The ease of use in running or starting a debug process like in VSCode. In VSCode you can simply open the Command line and you can tell it to run the file, whilst you can also switch and select which interpreter to use. Also it has inbuilt Terminal, and I wish ST has the same option but with the support for color schemes for Terminal (Basically I use a Terminal Color Scheme which I don't know how to get it work inside VSCode)

About my ST Config

I installed some good plugins, themes and color schemes to make ST a lot better

I installed Sublime Text Profiles plugin and created some profiles like Python Dev Web Dev Writer, etc.

Writer profile is what I use to write articles.

Basically Profiles are just to make it much easier to switch between a set of configuration to another. For example In writer profile I use Material Color scheme, which I typed in the settings JSON file, and then saved it to my Profile. I also changed some other things like font, font size, gutter, line numbers, etc and saved them all. Whilst I can create a new Profile and edit the JSON file to make it better to write Python Code which enabled a different Theme and set of plugins and disabled unwanted plugins required by other Profiles like the Writer scheme and JavaScript Plugins.

Okay let's enter my Python profile:

Python Dev:

I normally use IBM Plex Mono font with the size of 11 or 12. And I use the Material Theme and Facebook Material Theme both made by "equinusocio" as Color Schemes. And for the Theme I use Adaptive which is a nice feature in ST. I disable JavaScript packages in this profile using the "Ignore" in JSON Settings file. Then I make some minor changes like the mini map outlines and I change the Tab style to "angled".

Web Dev:

I use JetBrains Mono font with font size 12 for Web Dev. And I use the same Material Theme and its Facebook variant for Web Dev. This time I disable Python plugins and make the tab style to Rounded.


I use Writer font made my Tonsky - The creator of Fira Code with 13 as my Font Size. With the same Facebook Material theme. I disabled most of the features that are required while coding rather than typing texts and markdowns. And I enable the the Distraction Free mode. Making it look like IA Writer in Mac.

Then, more about the Color Scheme

I use the Darker variant of the Material Theme. But I might change my Color scheme if I find something nice, and I will post an article about the Color Scheme and the Theme, and if the Theme provides File Icons, the that also will be included. Also If you can, recommend me some Sublime text plugins and Themes and Configurations and etc.

Also recommend me a good Font, I will try it and post it in that future article.



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font : dank mono
tokyo night theme